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how to you get the enhanced version of the crafted skills?
Use skil book with source
You'll start seeing scrolls from vendors near the start of act 2 that have a source point requirement.
One of the skillbooks used in the crafting procedure must be of a spell that consumes Source to cast.
The description doesn't mention that this spell also deals a lot of physical damage to enemies.
tbh, this info changed my mind into using this skill
A lot as in, a ****. I can kill relatively strong enemies in 1-2 turns with just this spell alone at around level 20. There's a reason this spell costs 3 source to use.


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it doesnt
Huge AoE, a lot of physical damages, lasts 3 turns, set blood fields. What else?



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Use Apotheosis + Blood Storm + Grasp of the Starved for fun times ;)
Why do the descriptions suck so much? Is it so difficult to do a good job on them? It is very important to say it does physical damage for foack sake!
All necro skills deal physical damage
not raining blood, except the bleed (blood storm does though)
Easily the best source skill in the game.
Arrow Storm is easily better than that.
What does it scale with? Level of Necro? Level of Hydro? Or maybe intelligence?
Intelligence and Warfare (since it does physical damage), I'm pretty sure.
It scales with Intelligence and Warfare primarily. Damage is also increased by the Savage Sortilege talent giving it a chance to crit and following that the spell can scale with Wits and Scoundrel. Lastly it scales with Huntsman if you cast it from an elevated position. Neither Hydrosophist nor Necromancer have an effect on the damage of the skill.
Nerfed as of definitive edition. Lower scaling but still a decent skill.