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Does this work on spells like fossil strike?
Ultimate tank and spank skill. This thing is stupidly good if your making a tanky / aggro warrior. Add some buffs and your good to go.


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It also works on spell projectiles, i.e. Fireball, Fossil Strike, etc.
Also works on spells you cast on yourself. You can reflect your own fireballs and geostrikes for extra damage if you don't mind taking the damage
If you stand close enough with an enemy and use a projectile skill that hit both you and the enemy, the projectile will reflect back to the caster "you", essentially doubling the damage.
What does it mean " This does not prevent the original projectile effects"?
t means you will suffer the damage from the projectile anyway.
Does anyone know where to find an item that has this skill built in?
this is super late but in act 2, there's an undead woman (think her name is eithne?) in cloisterwood who's looking for corpse explosion skill. She sells a unique belt which has deflective barrier skill. Make sure to buy/steal it from her BEFORE giving her corpse explosion, since I believe she leaves the area and dies in the graveyard once you sell it to her.
This also deflects Healing Ritual back towards the ally who was previously affected by the spell before it reaches you, causing the ritual to heal them twice.
It also deflects corpse explosions near the deflecting character.