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By Anonymous
The part about it following characters with Pet Pal seems wrong. We have a multiplayer game where it did not follow our Pet Pal and instead granted someone else the skill. Forum users report something similar for single player: http://larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php ... ber=585618
It seems completely arbitrary who gets the skill.
By Anonymous
There's definitely something weird about who the cat chooses, most people over at reddit have noted that no matter what, if you have the red prince in your party, the cat always seems to chose him. Regardless of skills.

I confirmed this myself when I manually walked each party member over to the cat individually, however the cat only triggered when red prince came, who was last to come.

I don't know what the selection process looks like without red prince though.
By Anonymous
It clearly says it in the first sentence of article above. Read first.
"Black Cat [...] follows the first character in party it sees."
By Anonymous
The person our cat followed in our 4-player coop was the ONLY person without Pet Pal. It was pretty funny that it followed and gave the skill to the only person that couldn't talk to it.
By Anonymous
This f**king cat is completely bug, he went to the fire after a combat... I recommend to go rush the outside of Fort Joy to get the skill.
By Anonymous
Just box the cat in where you find the shovel with the crate up top and one found near where you came ashore.. Just dont have the red prince with you when you encounter the cat unless you want him to have it.
By Anonymous
can sombody tell me how the black cat familiar upgrade works? in the notes stands that ''the cat will express gratitude for reuniting it with its previous owner and upgrade the Swap Places skill, allowing it to swap places with any member of your party'' but everytime when i use the skill and enter the room, nothing happens. same when i enter the room and the dialoge starts, nothing happens. after that the fight begins and i summon the cat and still nothing happens.
By Anonymous
It's a little buggy sometimes. When you walked in, did one of the soldiers say "What is that thing?" That seems to be related to triggering the dialog.
By Anonymous
Tried what you said and even when the soldier noticed that cat and said, "What is that thing?" nothing happened, nothing triggered except the same old dialogue with the judge. =(
By Anonymous
That whole thing does not work. Looks like someone is trolling hard.
By Anonymous
I can confirm that you get the "Summon Cat Familiar" skill after escaping with the cat. I got it after i went through the prison, looted the prison key and entered the main floor of the keep. I went towards the dock and fought two magisters that were interrogating Han. I escaped with him by boat and had a small conversation with the cat sine i dont have pet pal and was given the skill.
By Anonymous
Is it possible to change the "object of following" somehow?
By Anonymous
I have a problem:
After i Loaded the Game to a older save, the cat just dient wann to appear... so is there a was to Met him or do i have to Play everything again to her him?
By Anonymous
Same problem here... how can i meet the cat again without loading again and Play everything from Start on?
By Anonymous
The cat will follow the first character to approach the area close to the Fort Joy Entrance/Atusa scene

Don't walk by the archer at the gate guarded by 4 magisters and a source hound, he will shoot the cat cause "black cats are unlucky"

For battles, summon him prior to starting a fight so he can jump somewhere and swap spots with you for kiting.