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Unsolvable good god I give up
By Anonymous
Uhhhh, I can't make sense of this picture.
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Ah right, simply put the vases on the correct blocks
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The solution
reddit post about it.
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I let the lich run off...starting to regret that...anyone know where he goes? Kinda what to put a pin in that.
By Anonymous
I don't get it. Where is the ornate skull
By Anonymous
It's on a wall in the room under Mordu's house, when you turn left after the stairs. You need one toon with at least 15 Perception to see it.
By Anonymous
If you press the green button (2nd from left), the Lich will be freed and also fight with you against the skeletons.
By Anonymous
i kill lich in forest, why this quest stay in questlog as unfinished?
By Anonymous
Free the Undead from the strange machine and he will give you a skill book after the fight. You get to pick from a list. If you ask him anything else besides picking a skill book he gives you Arrow Spray. I only had two interactions with him plus my [Jester] interaction.

Necromancy- Infect
Geomancy- Mend Metal
Huntsman- Marksman's Fang
Rogue(Scoundrel)- Corrupted Blade
Warrior- Whirlwind
Surprise Me- Arrow Spray
By Anonymous
if you talk to him with Lohse and choose the [Jester] response you get Huntsman: Ballistic shot book.
By Anonymous
I got Necromancy - Death Wish
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