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By Anonymous
i stole the jar as he was teleporting away and killed him after he left.. sadly it didnt do anything but say what he always does when killed
By Anonymous
The skillbooks given aren't fixed, they're random. My necromancer book wasn't Shackles of Pain, but Infect. The question is what the pool is.
By Anonymous
Man I wish I would've read your comment before making my decision!? I chose Hunting, for Marksmen Fang. But instead I received Ballistic Shot. Confirming what you said about it being a pool rather than fixed as stated in this guide. In hindsight I should've reloaded a few times just to see what the possibilities are, but truthfully I was fine with Ballistic Shot & wasn't thinking about the opportunity to fix this guides accuracy? Hopefully your comment helps someone else.
By Anonymous
Sir loras solved the plate puzzle for me lmaoooo I would have gotten it anyway but he walked on the bottom R corner one randomly and I was like wait what?
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