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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Gained 1700xp for avoiding a fight with him and offering to put him out of his misery.
When I encountered him he was afflicted with decomposing, not decaying. I assume it's the cursed version, like necrofire.
Dunno if I messed up but I couldn't remove decay/decomposing off of him. Tried blessing him directly and raining + blessing the water.
There must be a way to help him or it would not give you it as an option, Blessing dose not work. Maybe there is something latter on in the game that would be of help.
Unless some one else has an other idea. (This would be the same for the Seekers you find as well, however you help Maigster Sang would be the same way to help them it would think. As they have the same status on them.)
I don't think so. A number of things in the divinity games are meant to be similar to reality, and there are some things you just have to decide and face the consequences, just as in real life you have people that can ignore the problem and just keep digging and digging in the vague hope of finding a cure rather than getting over it.
is there no way to help him? you would think with a source container right there that you would need to use bless on him but nope, it does nothing.
from the comments i guess im not the only one who can't help him.

feels like quite a lot of the quests here are either unfinished or rushed...
Just because you can't cure him doesn't mean it's unfinished or rushed, everything in this game is deliberate. There's very powerful magic in this world that can't simply be "undone" just because you want it too lol
someone said blood rain + blessing the blood under Sang, not blessing him, but the blood beneath him, did not work for me though, maybe i do it wrong
Your thinking of another NPC, the skeleton in the maze asking you to douse the flames....
Have you guys tried purging him with the purging wand or the helmet, cause I've already killed him and I haven't tried purging him. Maybe that's why the helmet was near.
I just tried, wouldn't let me target him with to purge wand ability, but oddly enough I could target the corpses behind him.
I actually teleported him on top of the source puddle. He sucked up 3 of em but it did nothing in the end. But he did become targetable for the purge but still, nothing.
tried purging him but he was un-targetable to purge