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By Anonymous
If it didn't had such a low durability it would be the best strenght weapon within early game.
By Anonymous
does it do extra damage as it breaks? since i read description.
By Anonymous
No it has a chance to explode and deal great damage to foes surrounding you
By Anonymous
seems like 100 percent chance of moderate damage explosion would be more fun from a gameplay perspective otherwise why not just switch to another weapon
By Anonymous
How much dex would it take to power stance?
By Anonymous
25 Strength, 18 Dex should cover you
By Anonymous
Very powerful if you have a spare sorcery slot for Repair.
By Anonymous
Bruh who cares about the durability issue? This sword slaps. Just upgrade a secondary strength-based straight sword like the broadsword and use it as a your fall-back. Can make you pretty unpredictable in pvp and make your strength build more adaptable in pve
By Anonymous
Not that "great" of a sword
By Anonymous
Powerfull, but heavy and has low durability.
By Anonymous
FFS i cant get this weapon i alr wasted 2 bonfire astetic and i wasted his spawns till he doesnt spawn anymore on the two times, im to lazy to go kill the others
By SPeetahNJ
You can join the Covenant of Champions to infinitely respawn enemies, even those that already stopped spawning, at the cost of higher
By Anonymous
Would be one of the best strength greatswords, if it didn't have the durability of a piece of wet toilet paper