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Tried a save prior to scarecrow fight, still no cows, quest is bugged
I managed to get them changed back to human but neither of them made it make to driftwood. I checked the field again and they were not there either. Seems to be bugged.
To all people who CAN'T CLOSE QUEST with 2 potions! Just don't give it at the same time. Drop one potion to the ground, then choose one of them and later choose another. They'll give you the same amount of EXP but quest will be closed.
P.S. You won't be able to find them in Driftwood if you asked nothing in return and get more EXP.


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Killing them after the quest (when they are humans already) gives no exp. (there is some nice gold in mabels pockets tho)
You need to take both potions. Recipe for the correct potion is on the frog, you'll need witches eye for it. Once you have them, give them both to your companion and then speak with Mable. Start the conversation with your main character, and before you turn in the potions, use your companion to drop them on the floor. They will turn into humans and you will get around 13k exp if you didn't ask for any rewards. Now, take the potions back and drink the one that turns you into the cow. Additional 2k exp will be gained and quest will finish. However, now you're stuck in that form and you cannot drink the other potion in order to reverse the effect. So, use your companions to kill the cow character and then resurrect him (It's best to remove all armor from it as it regenerates insanely when you're out of combat). And that's it! Both cows restored and best exp all-together.
that works nicely, thanks! Fixes the uncompleted quest glitch after giving both potions
Quest was bugged for me - turned them both back into humans, and they wander around talking about how much they like the field. When I moved on to act 3 the quest closed and said I failed to aid the cows, even though right before that it says we gave them both the potions.
use dragon blaze to scare rats instead of destroying their holes
Quest was bugged for me. I turned them back to humans and there are back in town but the quest is still not closed. I killed the witch too.
Have the exact same problem.
worked for me! had the potions in different characters, dropped the witch potion on the character that wasn't speaking. then I feed both cows and drank the potion with other character. He get transformed into a cow, I killed him and ressurected with spell. 80k XP and the quest was finally closed, thanks!! :)
Found a bug, and a possible way to close the quest.

BUG: I had stored my witches eye in a bag, so when I crafted the potion it stored the potion back in my bag. Then when I fed both of the cows it didn't remove the potion from my bag but still turned them both back human. (quest didn't close however)

Closing Quest: To close the quest, I had to drop my second potion on the ground and feed the cows 1 at a time. It seems something about feeding both at the same time caused the quest log to bug out and not "CLOSE" for me. After reloading and doing this I was able to get the quest to close.
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