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Mabel has 8k gold on her, if you kill her after shes human its on her body for the takez ...... >:)
if you do it after level 15 you get more like 20k
using chicken claw also works on turning from cow to person if you drink it yourselves
bugged quest, cows aren't even there for me

amateurs lmao
The cows despawn if the witch is dead.
You can Brew another potion if u find the witch recepi from the frog in her basement, just teleport the frog out after u kill it and take the book it has.
I gotta say the voice acting and script for the cows are fantastic. Their banter is hilarious. Be sure to ask them for some milk.
I think I know what causes the quest to fail. I cast Spirit Vision near Ferno (the phoenix-chicken) to check if it leaves behind a spirit, and at the exact moment that I cast that skill, I got the update saying that the nearby cows had run off.

Alas, it was during a co-op session and we weren't going to bother reloading the game to test this, but this does kind of make sense.
I got full XP and both turned into humans, but the journal entry does not close and the two wander in their skivvies in the field instead of returning to Driftwood.
I found a solution so that the journal entry gets closed. I did something like the Dupe Glitch Alternative says in this page. I fed one witch potion to Mabel first. I did that by temporarily dropping the second crafted potion on the ground so that it's not in your inventory when you talk to the cows. Then after Mabel was cured, I picked up the crafted potion I dropped and then proceeded to cure Geraldine. The quest was successful and the journal entry is now closed. However, I cannot find Mabel and Geraldine at the Driftwood Square like this page claims. They're also now gone at the fields they were grazing when they were still cows. So there's still a bug, I guess?
it's weird that if you take the book from the frog in the cellar, the potion recipe book seems to be disappeared immediately. I tried to reload like 3 times just to make sure that you suppose to read the recipe from the corpse as fane/scholar tag so that the recipe still can be read.


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You can find it in "all", it's not a real book.
The cows can vanish if you engage in combat around the area
Didn't find no cows (lvl 14), fought the scarecrow before though