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trap door wont open with key anyone else?
me too. I opened the lock with my bony fingers, and only found the key after finding this wiki page today... hints appreciated.
Key only opens the house, need to lockpick the trapdoor
so what are the ingredients? I don't have a character with both of those tags...sadly
Yea would love to know.
You need:
They Witch Eye
Witches eye, boletus and augmentor (normal) from what i've heard but i cant confirm because i sent han to go get one since i dont know where any are at in act 2 and its been more than an hour and he still hasnt returned, the witches eye is on a table inside her house first floor
Confirmed, Witches eye, boletus and a regular plain Augmentor makes the witches brewed poiton allowing you to save both cows you dont need an empty potion vial either that bastard han still hasnt returned though i found an augmentor in the cloisterwood
Its possible to get two witches brews, to save both cows. One is on top of some shelves in the witches dungeon, and the other can be crafted using the Witches Eye found in the house. The recipe for the potion drops from the frog in the dungeon (Teleport him through the bars and kill him) but it isnt needed, and can only be read by characters with Scholar + Mystic tags anyway.

Just combine the Witches Eye, Boletus and Augmentor to create a second Witches Potion.
For those encountering problem finding the "Augmentor", it can be found around coords 191/52, search around the area, after dealing with the Ambush.
You can find and fight the witch in that flaming cliff north to the Cloisterwood, she hold the cellar key.
Bugged quest, crafted potion gived to second cow, but it's not disapearing
Bugged quest for me too, but for a different reason. The cows disappeared altogether, and the quest isn't in my journal.
Gave both potions and they just vanished, quest fails upon leaving. Like so many other *****ing quests this one is bugged.