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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

There is another room. that you cant even navigate in top of it...
You can enter the room on the side by interactiong with an dwell entry. Can find it near the fire trap, the one before the source barrier. There's a lever inside that I don't quite know what it does.
You get there by clicking the sewer grate in the room to the left after the Fireball traps. The one w/ an Iron Gate
There is a sewers passage into a room to the west (need someone with thievery to picklock) behind 2 crates, it has some nice loot there and there is a lever but no idea what it does !!!
Reminded that Whithermoore opened the source barrier for me since i freed him... This lever must be to open it as alternative way
In order to get to the sewer passage you had to stand on a trigger that opens the door and shoots fireballs. The lever opens the door so that you can get back without having to use the trigger.
You don't need to pick lock it. There's a stepping switch on the floor. But yeah, wonder what's the switch does...
Nvm find out the switch just disable fire traps in that area.
The well is bugged. You can do it on every character. Use the shapeshifting head to change race, and it count as a different character, you can use the well again
To add to this: the shapeshifting mask can be used on any character, not just an undead. Stack all the loots.
to further add to this: if you're an elf, you can use the elf shapeshift and still get more loot, for a total of 25 peices of epic loot (granted you have the coin)
The necromancers did Not drop any key for me and i tried several times. Unless you have to kill them more than 3 times in a row, it's either bugged or the information here is false.
necro tamsyn is who drops the key.
You might have to destroy the jars that hold their souls before they will drop loot. I never tried killing, since destorying the soul jar did that. What I did actually was collect the jars first, then when I got to this tower with the 3 undeads, I dropped the 3 jars on the ground, initated the conversation, and let them try to fight me. I then broke the jars in-battle. This way, you get EXP for each kill, and the quest reward EXP.
One of the tombs beyond the source barrier I can't open, any idea ?
You need to use a character with high strength. I used one with 15 STR and he opened it. Not sure what the actual cutoff is.
Make sure you have a Source Point and you can interact with the lantern near the barrier and the 4th option is to use source on it and it breaks the barrier
It appears you need a character with a high Strength value. I was unable to open the right sarcophagus with 17 Strength, however after casting Encourage (setting my Strength to 18) I was able to open it. Hope this helps!
FYI about the well: Water wands work fine, not just rain. *EACH CHARACTER CAN GET AN EPIC PIECE OF LOOT FROM THE WELL ONCE*. Just repeat the process for each character and bring 600g. Had my cleric shoot it and each of us took turns looping through the conversation and getting the loot.
If you have Fane's mask of faces, you can get an additional item for each transformation on each character. So 20 epic items in total, if you have the gold.
How to loot skeletons in the cages?
Do you mean 18 lvl skeletons in the room with well?
I tried telekinesis, it didn't work
I'm curious, they can be damaged with water, so they are likely to be 'undead'
But how to loot them finally - no idea
telekinesis doesnt work idd. You cant destroy them with magic and then they drop the loot they hold on the ground. Not really wurth it doh cause they have alot of health and the loot is barely wurth it.
Not sure how to edit, but you'll always find the "Hands of the Tyrant" armor piece in the right tomb (female) inside the mausoleum. Also if you ended up betraying Whitermoore, you can still pass the force field by choosing the dialogue option "Channel source energy" when interacting with the relic.
Dang haha, wish I could edit, but I meant to say "tomb on the right-hand side (female)".
which relic do you mean ? .
I assumed the relief on the sarcophaguses were generic, thanks for showing me they're not! The artwork is fine in this game :-) Anyway, I'm looking to open the sarcophagus and I can attest that 18 strength is enough to pry it open if anyone else may inquire such knowledge from these dusty pages.
Any idea what the zombie in a cage do? I am getting villain tag for killing it.
it didn't speak to me so I killed it
The fight was short and ... nothing special. looted an eye and a piece of meat
The Band of Braccus ring description reads that Braccus turned his twin Sister into an undead lich to prolong his power.......guessing this is her