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How do you get this?
I don't think the note on that is correct as in about 13 completions of that goddamn cave I've never gotten the curse skill. Collared, uncollared, already had bless, didn't have it. Doesn't matter. Never managed to get it.
I got this on the nameless isle,at a certain point you will meet a voidwoken that will talk to you,it will ask if you want to make a pact with the void,if you accept it you will receive the cursed spell,but it replaces the bless spell and you basicaly turn your back on the gods and the world,so it may possible change the ending
not if you use swornbreaker
I think you have to be undead to get this, I couldn't get it on my elf yet fane was offered the pact (but he refused it because I was friendly with him). rip 40 hours of my life to get to this point and fail to get curse
Since Fane is the one being adressed by the Voidwoken, I presume you either have to play Fane, or an undead (Eternal)?
I know the face we can craft a really buggy version of scrolls. The recipes are found on the lech's chamber on the book shelf. Bugs: The scroll won't appears in your inventory at all, only on the hot bar. I can't recall the recipe 100%, but it should be something like pixie dust, high quality torment soul, paper. or with alien torment soul. Haven't tried the alien one.
What's buggy? The combination produces a proper scroll in my game.
The ingredient is not pixie dust. The combination is any voidtainted fish, high quality or alien tormented soul and paper/parchment.

As it's sourcery just as bless, purge and source vampirism, you can't
... you can't make a skillbook from that scroll.
You can obtain the curse scroll recipe from the lich's crypt - the book is in a shelf, called "Mordus' Skill Research"