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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

on the bottom of the hold there is a room with two 500hp doors, if you grind the damage (using battlestaff: skill magnus) or casting spells...you gain access to room , on wall there is a kind of map , click on it and it gives you 6 recipes ! also scroll of restoration and rest of loot is small poison bottle + food ingredients. It's just a long grind to destroy the door but well worth it for 6 recipes.
...or you can can use key which lies right next to the door.
Alternatively, the key for that door is lying right next to it :D
Use alt to see important items highlighted.
I didn't see the key until after I spent several minutes bashing down the greasy door. D'oh!
To solve this quest is to be an elf you get a Corpse Eater perk really useful for troubled waters or any quest
How do you use corpse eater perk though?
I can imagine how you grinded the door with 500 hp while the key for that door is right next to it xD
It is possible to partially fail this quest by killing every(?) npc onboard. If done so scene with fighting off void bugs is skipped and you take the lifeboat alone. Beast's hat is lost after shipwrechk though. You'll still have scolar's transformation mask btw, but not duplicated: if you invite him in the party he won't have another one.
Yep, everyone you killed back there are back to living, but react to you poorly, defining you as a traitor. Also every(?) recruitable character from the ship will have additional lines in dialogue, about explaining yourself to them. Carefully: you may lose some relationship points, so choose answers carefully.
Plases with question marks not confirmed fully by now.
FROZEN ROOM ON SHIP: After you beat/send running the Kraken, go on the ship and find a hatch. It takes you to a room with a frozen Roth family, but it'll freeze you too soon enough. You can light all of the torches (hard way) or get the Flame Lamp down in the boat with the treasure chest which is your main reward (the family only gives you the key and no XP). I did it because I wanted to do them all and there is no guide for this hatch/room on this Wiki. :(


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I think that's the wrong ship: this wiki page is about the ship you're on at the very beginning of the game. You're talking about a room in the harbour at Arx...
I found a "Laboratory Key" on the Merryweather during the prologue. But i can't find what exactly it opens. If it happens to be about the room where you start, finding it ios actually pretty pointless. Pretty rare i can't find the use for a key. I wonder if maybe there is a place i did not find the first time. I will restart and retry.
The murderer was Windego, she confirms it, but then attacks the guys and triggers the Kraken, after this event everyone is either knocked down, or dead, so I don't see a way, how to solve the Troubled Waters aka "find the murderer" quest properly, because you have to look for a way out at this point (and Waters is dead anyway, so no clinky shiny gold coins for your all your troubles). Unless you're an elf, which I'm definitely not (playing as Lohse).