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In order to get that do I need to fulfil all of the 3 methods or one of them is enough?
Pretty sure I got it just for handing over Migo's ring to Yarrow without killing him.
I only did one and got the tag.


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just one
One Hero dialogue option is at the severed heads with the chest, after prison close to the beach. The head tells the Hero that the heads are Labyrinth makers for Braccus Rex, or were.
i completed only "Do not give up the thief's name during the quest The Imprisoned Elf." and get "hero" tag. So I think one is enough to get it.
( cydapb ).
Easy to get hero tag early fort joy. As of Nov18 2017.
1)make sure to save the npc companions on ship at beggining.
2)make sure to give yarrow flower to miego for ring then give it to yarrow up on the wall.
3)save the elf Elodi, durring the shakedown quest.

Ive test only two times, and got it both time.


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I just received it after defeating the voidwoken during the mission, "They Shall Not Pass."
Gave Migo's ring to Yarrow, saved Elodi from a shakedown, but only refusing to give up thief's name to Grief gave me the Hero tag. It's either a bug or you need to complete three hero missions to be considered one.
Got it by saving Gwydian Rince's family (Crossleys) from Magisters