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By Anonymous
Took me a while, but I finally figured out you can't use any of those "broken vases" lying around to put on the pressure plate so you can activate the levers to open the hatch. Or, more correctly, the vases will depress the pressure plate fine, but they are too weak to survive the electric jolt that comes after pulling the left lever (lever 1). They simply shatter, the door swings open again, and the whole thing resets. Finally I just dropped a backpack and put that on the pressure plate. Worked perfectly then. I would've, of course, just had a second character stand on the damn plate, but I'm playing solo.
By Anonymous
is it just me beacuase im glitched out i have strength 19 and it says wont budge im playin DE
By Anonymous
What happens if you pickpocket the artifacts after you gave them to him? Am i still able to get the sword in act 4?
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