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There is a much easier way to get entrance to the Crypt.

1. Look at the stairs down the crypt.
2. now go left
3. once you down the hill before the gate u will see a cryp with two knight statues with shields.
4. Destroy or open the gate ( there is a lever on the right side )
5. Enter the tomb
6. Once you are down the tomb DON'T touch anything or you will get petrified
7. The only way to de-petrify is to bless and one of the Nps is named Qanna.
8 Either kill her of persuade her to give you the tomb key and voila you can enter the quest Tomb.
You can also de-petrify with Armor of Frost -- much easier than Bless.
You can also kill her without de-petrifying her.
I've used teh combination 2 - 1 - 3 yet no hatch appears, am I doing something wrong here?
You have to do 2 until you get water then 1 3
Either you reload, or remove all surface elements. It has to be fully reset before you apply the combination again. Also make sure you did not destroy the door. I think it prevents them from running out as you click the switches.
make sure you have someone standing on the presser plate in the 3rd room. then enter the combination middle-left-right
The order is from right to left, so 1 is the rightmost. I know, weird that nonone says this.
FYI you can destroy the Clay sentinels before looting the room avoiding a fight. Best done with some sort of AOE spells/skill.
I destroyed them all and they all rose up when trying to leave the tomb.
I think this may have been "adjusted" in the latest patch. They all rose up on me as well and they keep rising and overwhelm me on the second go around. Only hitting any one of my characters for ~250hp each, what the hell? I know they can all be knocked down, but come on! Had to just teleport out of there. No experience for killing any of them either. Smh.
Don't need to bless Qanna FYI! If you don't have any Source points on hand, or just dont want to expend them, you can use Frost Armor as well or any other spell that removes Petrify in the description.
Hey, I have both Unusual Blade and Artefact.
I close a quest by kept them for myself and i dont know what can i do with them now.

Anyone know this?

.. tarquin is the only one who can repair it, so you need the quest
There is no hatch on bloodmoon island for me, do I need high perception?
yeah, it seems u really need high perception. 15 is not enough, go to the Lady Vengeance and redistribute points, find hatch and make changes back.
21 wits and still can't see the hatch on bloodmoon island...

How much wits or what do I need ?
Use a SHOVEL at the location............................................
23 wits was enough for me.
if you cannot see the hatch, use clear mind on your char with the highest Wits
Where do you find tarquin to begin?
stondgarden seat drifteood
Its not 2 times middle, it is just one time @the levers
Does he give the sword immediately or will it come later? He's on the ship now and has both pieces, but just says the samething over and over.
He gives it back on act 4 I think