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The formula for generating what levels give new talents is:

f(x) = (3x^2 + x + 1)/(x - 1)^2
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This formula is actually incorrect. The true formula is: f(x) = (3x^2 + 2x +1)/(x - 2)^2, rounded up ofc.
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Simple formula is f(x) = 1+(x-2)/5, rounded up.
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Speedcreeper was removed?
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While speedcreeper was an important speed bonus in DOS EE 1, in DOS EE 2 you can gain stealth speed by raising your scoundrel skill instead. Therefore removing the requirement of several talents for stealth oriented builds (You should still get guerrilla as the damage will help stealth builds.)
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Does guerrilla work if character is invisible as well or do they have to be sneaking in sneak mode?
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no, but there is a mod so it does
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Glass cannon on all 4 characters (bad idea for lone wolf, due to much lower relative AP gain). Surprisingly powerful. It is very rare that the AI actually CCs one of ur characters. Spreading out is quite important though, as certain aoe knockdown skills can ruin ur day (such as tremor grenade, or the warrior knockdowns). Eventually ull have some spells/means of removing CC from ur party. Few times i ran into fights were the "boss" had some aura like vacuum. Just gotta chug one of those strong will potions and continue to stomp everything into the dirt. The advocate fight was particularly amusing. Boss cast madness on my entire party, and it was entertaining to have no control for 2 full turns. With heavy con summoner build everyone still survived, surprisingly. I see little reason not to take glass cannon, as with experience, u can prevent CC from taking place entirely (CC them b4 they CC u with the extra AP), or just cure the CC on ur next character (CC curing is nice to have around regardless, so not losing out on much tbh).
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Glass cannon on all 4 characters ? Not so sure that is a good idea, if you run into any of creatures using "terrify" you will probably be in huge trouble, unless you can make absolutely sure you go first and can take out the threats. For instance, that fight with the scarecrow in act 2 is a instaloss if he goes first, he has a "terrify" aura and you will just be standing there getting ripped apart. Also there are creatures using the Terrifying Scream spell which has a very large AoE. Not to mention all the other CC abilities, and if you mess up once your team might suffer total stun/freeze/knockdown etc. chain CC.
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Yeah glass cannon does seem like a bad idea with lone wolf lul
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Sure, glass canon on all 4 characters is a good idea...for easy mode. Try that crap in any other difficulty and get back to me
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Do you not realize that you literally can't take glass cannon with lone wolf...
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Those saying Lone wolf is bad/a trap is just wrong. The only issues with early lone wolf is you'll have 2 allies rather than 4 but that is also a pro. With only 2 allies you stack best equips on them and don't spend money/spell books on twice the amount of people. By the time you're really attacked the Fort Joy guards you should be much stronger than a 4 party. It's important to have focus either on phys/magic damage depending on the foe. Knights/Rogues with some spells or Mages with Summon/Witchcraft do that nicely. I did a Knight/Rogue lone wolf and cleared it on Tactician with a fair amount of ease - Living armor doesn't get enough praise here either. It's amazing with the passive heals from witchcraft, soul bond, etc. there's just a dozen ways to keep magic armor on which is hugely important.
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Wrong, lone wolf is not stronger than 4 players, sure each member is stronger but only by 50%-ish, you don't get the same ammount of civil points, so you have 2 people that have to juggle, persuasion, thievery, loremaster and bartering, 3 of those are very immortant and one is nice to have for selling, money, also, with 2 players you get 12 points for the turns every round, while 4 player have 16 points, you might think you are stronger because you do a lot of damage, but in middle to late game the 4 player set up is a lot stronger with double source points, more damage per turn, more cc, and more map control. Also the game is very easy as there are multiple ways to cheese the game's mechanics.
By Anonymous
Early game is kinda a tie between lone wolf and 4 man comp. Lone wolves can take down ennemies in one turn pretty easily alone and can take quite some punishment. But in late game? Lone wolves just annilihate 4 man comp in term of power level. Green tea + the 2 extra AP of lone wolf allow you to litteraly kill anything in one turn (including the good old Doctor), so the 3 other people don't matter. But you can nearly already do that in 4 man anyway.
By Anonymous
Lone wolf is easier by far.
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An optimal 4 man party is still stronger overall in my opinion. With 4 man you get 16 ap to spend in total per turn vs 12 of lone wolf. Also 4 man as a whole will still have more magic resist, armor and hp than 2 lone wolfs combined. Not to mention you use up 1 talent point just to gain the benefits of lone wolf and lose out on additional civil abilities. You have less source points as well. Not saying lone wolf is bad by any means, it's pretty damn good and a completely viable way to play the game, but I still personally think that 4 man party is stronger in the end.
By Anonymous
I think its wrong just to add up the AP and source points you get and say that it’s better. You forget that lone wolf characters are way stronger and have more damage output per ap or source point spent. If we assume ots true that they are 50% stronger then they effectively have 18 AP worth of damage.
By Anonymous
Whoever is saying Lone Wolf is bad is just bad and hasn't tried it. You CAN or can ALMOST solo the entire game with a SINGLE lone wolf character, the only thing that beats solo builds is of course CC, 1 CC and you get CC trained to death. 2 lone wolfs ? GG. The combos you can pull off etc...
By Anonymous
And no in no freaking way is a 4 man ever stronger than 2 lone wolfs, your AP math is just wrong, it doesn't matter that you get 4 chars with 4 ap per turn = 16 AP, while 2 lone wolfs is 12 AP, it doesn't matter because you can't make combos like lone wolfs can.
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Will the new gift bag talents be added?
By Anonymous
Decided a newer write-up of best general talents was needed from someone that plays Tactician/Honor Mode.

If you're not using the Gift Bag Pet Pal, give it to at least one character by level 3 for extra quests/exp.

After deciding on Lone Wolf/Glass Cannon or not (I prefer Lone Wolf myself), the most important talents are AP efficiency related:
Elemental Affinity for mages, Opportunist (AKA 0 AP attacks) for melee, and Gladiator (from Gift Bag) for melee w/shield.
Executioner works for everyone that does damage, give it to your primary finisher early, and add it to others when you've eliminated the better options. (It also triggers on Opportunist attacks, Reactive Shot, etc. when you get a kill and applies the AP to the start of your next turn!)
For Fire/Earth mages, Torturer in the early game is also the equivalent of extra attacks, plus it makes Worm Tremor an unblockable CC and Spontaneous Combustion more powerful. It also means extra healing when you poison undead.
And Ambidextrous for those that want to take the time to craft and abuse scrolls.
You'll want at least 2 of the above by level 8.
By level 8, you'll also want Living Armor for tanks, Parry Master for dual wielders, and Savage Sortilage for mages.

By level 13, you are probably pumping crit, Hot Head is great for everyone as it's easy to maintain max vitality.

Your build's talents should be mostly done by level 13. Late game, you may want to throw Living Armor on non-tanks as well. You should also be able to afford giving mages Executioner around this time. And Sadist (Gift Bag) can top off your melee types.

Other Notes:
Given the amount of fire surfaces and damage you'll see in game, Demon is a reasonable defensive choice as well.
Fire-Star Diner has some (ab)uses as well if you have the stomach for consumables, pun intended.
Mnemonic is an okay choice for non-Lone Wolves when you can't remember what else to go for (yay, more puns).
All other talents are either class/build specific or trash:
Low vitality/revival talents are essentially saying you are planning to fail. The Idol of Rebirth is far better insurance.
Unlike many, I'd argue against The Pawn. Most ground/cloud effects make movement skills the better option. Being an executioner is a far better choice than being a pawn. (Hah, executed one last pun for the road!)
Far Out Man isn't as useful as being on higher ground. So again, it's better to give your ranger/mages movement skills to take the high ground and make better use of the talent point.
By Anonymous
"Unlike many, I'd argue against The Pawn"

Lol, the best talent for almost any build. Get one movement point worth of moving is amazing and pretty much mandatory on some builds.

Oppurtunist is bugged as hell sometimes. Most of the time it works, sometimes it does not. Gladiator is not that good. One hit is not worth a talent point in either cases.

Other than that, ok list.
By Anonymous
Those wishing for an extra talent on one of their chatacters can do so in the Past Mistakes quest. initially free Karon from Arx sewers, then kill him when he reappears after the Trial of Blood. Talking to his spirit and passing a persuasion check will grant that character (only) an additional talent point.
Opportunities to use the extra talent may be limited due to being very close to the end of the game however better having than not!
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Does anyone know if Soulcatcher from the gift bag scales with Summoning?
By Anonymous
It does, the damage of the zombie crawler scales with your (character with the talent) Summoning level.
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Is there a way to reset my talents?
By Anonymous
After you leave the Island in Act 1, you get access to the mirror on the Lady Vengence. There you can respec for free. Attributes and Talents.