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this is all sorts of messed up
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So help fix it. What's the problem?
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I fixed the formatting. Sometimes people break the formatting of things when adding new info - I'll keep this page on a watchlist so I can come back every so often to fix any formatting errors.
I'd like help matching all the icons and such tho :)
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Not sure if he means information or layout. Tablets have a cutoff on the left side of the screen though (not sure about PC). It's still legible, but there's a missing word here and there.
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Zombie talent was removed?
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Yes. Now it is undead racial ability.
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Yes. Because the undead race was added.
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lone wolf is a trap when you first start. you really need to plan ahead if you take it.
also, i love the +3 memory one, it is extremely useful if you plan to use a lot of magic that takes more than a round to refresh. the wands don't seem all that helpful except for creating niche situations
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You're not so far off with lone wolf; I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a "for fun" thing. No way a 30% health, defense, and 2 extra AP can supplement two party members. For wands/staffs it depends on how you play. Good for getting elements you've neglected into your combos. Summoner especially makes use of them, since they mainly maintain their ads.
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Lone wolf summoner, necromancer is op. 2 lone wolfs with one specced as that, is extremely power.
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since you get bonus stats and skills, and you can exceed the stat and skill caps of non-lone wolf characters, 2 lone wolf characters are actually stronger than 4 normals
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I am currently running a lone wolf knight and witch. Battles are hard but do-able if you are on the same level with proper gear. Plus a knight using haste then enrage destroys almost any thing
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Lone wolf is really strong. Did a run with my gf and most fights I didnt even need her. I was a dual wield warrior with 50% dodge chance, more health and armor than I needed as well. Since lonewolf pretty much guarantees you will have more initiative than the enemy, the first round always ended in me killing at least one person.
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You get a point at level 9 not 8
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Talent Point is at 8 and new skills from traders is at 9; maybe you got that mixed up, or maybe a change from early access?
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Spider's kiss gives a -2 CON, only the bonus depends on your quest choices
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Just a bit of commentary on the better talents:

Morning Person is more or less the strongest talent in the game, as far as allowing you to beat tough fights. The game's mechanics are extremely generous to resurrection: a resurrected character gets a turn at the end of the current round, even if that character acted before getting killed. This means that, if you use a Resurrection Scroll on someone and then Fortify or Magic Shell them, you spent 4 AP and got 4 AP back for it, while healing someone to full health and placing armor on them.There's not a whole lot that the enemy can do to deal with a full team of Morning People with decent stacks of resurrection scrolls on hand, and the scrolls' cost quickly becomes insignificant.

The Pawn is extremely valuable to any character, essentially giving one free AP on any round where you need to reposition.

Get Pet Pal on at least one character, especially if it's your first playthrough. Animals tend to give very helpful hints.

Elemental Ranger is pretty strong. An archer's first shot will cause the target to bleed if it can bleed, and any subsequent shot will get a strong physical damage boost from the blood surface, without the need to actually set up anything.

Elemental affinity is good for mages who create surfaces everywhere -- mostly fire and earth mages.

Glass Cannon can be good in some cases: the AI --absolutely loves-- to tunnel vision on a character with Glass Cannon, so you can use it to set up a tank of sorts, or at least someone who'll draw all the aggro. It's also usable offensively on an archer character, but you'll need to be meticulous with positioning and status effect removal (try starting fights with your other three characters, and then sneaking the GC archer in), or your GC wonderboy will spend the entire fight under crowd control.

If you're going to play Lone Wolves, you'd better know what you're doing. Like in Original Sin 1, it makes the early game significantly harder, and the mid-game onward significantly easier as your Wolves turn into total wrecking balls. Just pick a game plan and one type of damage, and stick to them. I used dual-wielding lone wolves who stacked initiative and each put one enemy out of the fight from the outset with Backlash -> Rupture Tendons -> Chicken Claw. They had zero magic damage, and only had 1 point into each school of magic for the support spells.

Parry Master is pretty good. Combined with the passive Dodge chance from the Dual Wielding skill and a party member with a high Leadership score, your dual wielder will be seriously hard to hit.

Comeback Kid will usually force an enemy to spend an extra 2 AP to kill a party member, which is pretty good. Like most strategy games, DOS2 is won on AP economics.

Picture of Health is okay to have for anyone who'll get a lot of points into Warfare, but you should wait to pick it until later on, as the increase is too marginal early on.

All Skilled Up is worth taking after you've grabbed everything you need. It's especially valuable to Lone Wolves, who get two combat skill points for the price of one and have a serious dearth of civil skill points.

In my view, the other talents are either of marginal utility, too situational to help much, or entirely useless.
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I mostly agree with your analysis, a bit more though :

Executioner is awesome especialy when playing lonewolves and having 1 "main dmg dealer", careful though it seems to work only on the first kill each round

Mnemonic is great for a non-lonewolf character, mostly support (otherwise bigger & better is better)
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Yeah the other seem siituational, but some can give you more damage, which can end thing faster

Savage Sortilege : Your mage skill will have critical = more damage, especially with specialist mage. my Lohse deal more than 2k for one basic spell with 40 int + 10 aero

Torturer : damage status debuff +1 = pyro burning + 1 more turn, add spontaneous combustion mean more damage. poison also debuff longer. So it's better if you build dot mage

Opportunist : you won't let enemy get away from you without doing some damage. Melee with 40 str+ 10 warfare + 10 weapon skill = huge damage, he try to get away, you hit him again with another damage

Hothead : archer and mage goes higher ground, enemy can't hit you, you hit them with more critical chance = DAMAGE

Leech : rogue/shadow blade with necro skill goes in, backstab with finese, enemy bleeding, you heal, cast necro skill, you heal more
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Really fluffy and not at all gamey to base your strategy on characters dying. What an immersive experience it must be.
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When you say elemental rangers do bleeding damage I assume you're talking about flesh sacrifice from the elves right?

Glass Cannon imo is best for a summoner, so you can summon your incarnate and immediately buff him to insanity. I had not thought about taking advantage of the enemy aggro with a tank though, that's a neat idea.

And elemental affinity is best for hydrosophists, since neither water nor ice damage you... I guess oil doesn't damge you either, but you can't avoid the slow.

What about hothead? or Living armor? (for death knights or on a comp with a strong healer), executioner? Neither of these have marginal utility, you're too dismissive, your comment is too narrow and also misleading.
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Lone wolf makes the game a lot easier, 2 lone wolf are a lot stronger than 4 characters without it. I would say one lone wolf is about as strong as 3 characters without lone wolf
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All skilled up is almost a must for summoners. They get very good increase to their Incarnate summon on level 10 of Summoning. And this talent let's you achieve this one level earlier. Combined with the fact that summoners don't need a lot of the other stuff, it means that choice even easier. For the same reasons Pet Pal is good on summoner because it doesn't take place of anything really important.
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If you go Lone Wolf you can have a champion incarnate as early as level 3 if you pick All Skilled Up as your second talent, which pretty much makes the game a cake walk.
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The combination of elemental affinity and glass cannon gives you an insanely strong frost mage team. I straight up went 4 frost mages. 1 mage casts rain on the party and freezes the water with global cooling to trigger elemental affinity (and protect from the AI freezing/shocking you). All of your characters start each round with max ap and 1 less ap cost on frost skills. You pretty much get off all your abilities in a single turn doing as many as 4 hard hitting abilities. Not to mention all the cc you have at your disposal. I could keep 5 enemies permenantly frozen and brutally nuke them, felt unfair.

Frost resistance enemies are a problem tho. Frost immunity is gg and required a respec whenever I encountered it.
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Now if you cast rain making your mages "wet", elemental affinity triggers reducing hyrdophist spell costs. (Now for original edition I don't know, as I play on enhanced edition, but otherwise should work as it worked for me.)
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commenter above me- it will trigger spell cost reduction, but they will be wet and enemies can freeze/stun them all. If the water is already frozen by your party member, enemies will not be able to put those status effects