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By Anonymous
My friend made a character at the beginnning of the game with me. They no longer play.

1.) Their character, not mine, got assigned the winning title. Their character did not get the killing blow. I was offered no 2nd battle/duel or whatever. or anything. Does anyone know how to "pick" who gets the title in the case that you have two PCs in party?

2.) In general is there any way to get rid of my friend's character from party permanently? They likely won't be playing again =(
By Anonymous
This is what ruined the game for me and put a huge dent in a friendship.
Told my friend i do not want to do any PvP in this game. I said no, but the game handled it as yes. Friend who has hours and hours, knowing pretty much everything perfectly prepared herself against my class, while i, the complete "Noob" in this game knew nothing.
Obviously got roflstomped and after checking everything and talking to another friend, she did everything she needed to that i had not the tiniest bit of a chance against her.

In other words. She willingly put the friendship on the line, ruining a game for me just so she has some ******* awfully designed game title in a save i will never ever look at or touch again.
By Anonymous
Sounds like you are a massive ***** for letting a single battle between friends hurt your pride so much
By Anonymous
Huge *****
By Anonymous
For real. It sounds to me like you owe her an apology.

By Anonymous
literally the scummiest of all if a game causes u to lose a friend then truely theres something seriously wrong with u trash...
By Anonymous
No wonder she kicked you *** when you are such a massive ***** lmao.
By Anonymous
I've never met such a massive ***** in my entire life.
By Anonymous
Must be the pussiest ***** who ever pussed.
By Anonymous
sounds like reply anon has a massive hateboner lol
By Anonymous
Found a solution for the multiplayer pvp bug, at least for our case just now.
At the start of the second round we both had 2 characters each, one dead (killed in the first round) and one alive.
As nothing happened after one killed the other, i opened the party management and moved the one that was still dead from the first round, from the losing player to the surviving player. So one player had the last survining character and the two dead ones from the first round. Right after clicking accept all characters were resurrected and teleported back to Thola, and we were able to finish the quest.
By Anonymous
Any bonus in soloing this over just bringing group ?
By Anonymous
It just says I'm not The one and I cant challenge anyone now...
By Anonymous
OMG!!! I killed her, Nebora. What now? Some more, that stupid ring cursed me. Should I restart everything?
By Anonymous
Nah you will be alright...
By Anonymous
No worries, if you end act 1 without having removed the collar it wll be automaticly unequiped