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I believe any character can turn the pool into healing or blood, it depends on what emotions you speak of after interacting with it. But yeah blood pool just kills feder, rip.
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If you stuck in conversation with no option that allow you to give info about place just use someone else to talk with pig. Pet Pal is requied. If you have done conversations as everyone and you are blocked on all characters then your last hope is Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter ( changing race ).
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what if you don't have pet pal?
By Anonymous
This mission can be done only with Pet Pal.
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Then perish
By Anonymous
Take IFAN to your party. he has pet pal
By StellarShade
i killed all the pigs before i could bless them, is there still a way to complete this quest?
By Anonymous
Alright so kinda spoilers? If you've already gone through most of the quests and the Burning Pigs is your last one to do on the island, and you've already bonded with Amadia, switch characters (if you aren't solo) and it works the same as the first time you activated it. Be mindful if you pick Lohse to speak with the statue if you pick the Lohse special chat box and pick the I want to live part Amadia will turn the pool into blood and it will kill Feder. Fair warning.
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By CamperCarl00
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This can technically happen with any character since the waters will only be blessed if you fully submit and empathize with Amadia during the dialogue. Any kind of retraction from her will turn it into the blood pool.
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Funny thing with this quest I killed one pig and in quest report was I bless one pig lol I dont even have spell Bless yet :)
WTF ?????
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Watch out for Magister Ames, the traps he has set on the way up the hill to the right (before entering the camp) will kill feder.
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Good thing I took all of em out with my bony body
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Just tested and its actually possible (though tedious) to aggro the pig after blessing it and lead it to the pool rather than having pet pal. You must however leave combat with it while it is in the pool.
By Anonymous
For those of you who have not put points into Wit for your teammates. You can unchain those individuals to speak with the lizard with the person with the most wits.
By godukz
"Scapor, an undead lizard, appears from the ground when first pig was cured." , in my walkthrough, it didnt happen, one of my companion ( without petpal, talk to the pig), and i use other companion to bless the pig . at the end , the pig run away and Scapor didnt spawn.
By Anonymous
This happened to me too.D: now i'm lacking just this bit of exp to get to level 9 before leaving fort Joy. Sad.