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By Anonymous
Impossible to talk to the pigs after blessing them, they just run.
By Anonymous
i found the pig near to the seekers meeting place
By Anonymous
If you want to heal the pig you have to get the water blessed. You can do that by talking with the statue as Fane (at least that's what worked for me).
By Anonymous
Yup tried talking to them after i healed one and killed scapor but they just say they want to die.
By Anonymous
u can use purge on scapor body after u killed him in the fight, and after that, u will meet Krylr the Kettlegrinder
By Anonymous
Actually Krylr appears after you use the Helm Of The Tyrant's purge ability several times
By Anonymous
Scapor is a she.
By Anonymous
Krylr is unrelated to this quest.
By Anonymous
I was able to complete the quest. What I did was;
1. bless talk to the pigs
2. accepted the quest
3. I blessed every single pigs
4. I went to point 3 on the map provided (Feder the pig)
5. She thanks me and I inform her that maybe going to Amadia Statue will return her body to normal.
6. I suggest to go in the pool where the blessed water is (note: I already knew where Amadia was first before doing this)
7. Quest complete.
By Jardenon
how in the heck do you bless them when you don't get the ability to bless until after you have left this area for good?
By Anonymous
You can get bless ability after talking to the God in Hall of Echoes. You can access Hall of Echoes on this half of the island, via headless statue at the end of Vault of Braccus Rex and another statue near the pigs (there is a Voidwoken Deep Dweller fight in this area, when you initiall start it Voidwoken sits on a cliff with vine ladder on it, climb the cliff and to the left of the ladder you will find another statue that accesses Hall of Echoes)
By Anonymous
You need to active the godess statue as a non undead (try to use another companion to activate the statute), Otherwise instead of the healing pool Amalia will just bless you character alone
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By CamperCarl00
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I've gotten the blessed healing pool as an undead. As long as you "Submit to Amadia's embrace" of course.
By Anonymous
DO NOT ACTIVATE THE STATUE USING LOHSE! *****, the pool turned into blood and it killed Feder when she got into the pool.
By Anonymous
I did it with LOHSE and it is not blood but healing pool
By Anonymous
I forget the exact options, but if Lohse tells the statue she wants to fight the thing in her head you get the blood pool. If Lohse asks the statue to kill her and end her suffering you get the healing pool.
By Anonymous
Got a blood pool with Fane teling the statue that she's not a god but an eternal like he is.
By Anonymous
I talked to her with Fane. It became a healing pool...which *****ing killed me...
By Anonymous
I told Feder about the pool after sending the seekers off from their camp, and decided to grab the waypoint real quick before heading over to Amadia's. Feder decided to walk up the path next to the new camp with the explosive mines everywhere and died a horrible death. Guess that'll teach them to have such a poor sense of direction.