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how the ***** do you get this ability?????????????????????????
I think this is bugged, combining a level 1 geo book with a level 1 necro book gives corrosive spray instead
Still bugged even after the latest patch...
Devs please add this into the game as intended!
Please take notice that you can actually get that skill by eating a piece of flesh near the beginning of the Nameless Isle if you are an Elf. Dont remember exactly, but it was like the first encounter there.
If you aren't an elf, you can wear the shapeshifting mask to temporarily gain the ability to eat corpses.
Acquired by eating a arm part called something like "Paladin Right Arm" at the beginning of Nameless Isle
still only makes spray instead of touch October 21 2017. Sad
October 27 2017 / Patch Notes v3.0.150.188 / Fixed
How do you craft it?