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By Anonymous
There are conflicting comments about whether you can get multiple Idols of Rebirth or not. I believe I know why.

If you do the quest normally you can only get two idols - one by pickpocketing and one as a reward. Dorotya doesn't offer any more idols after the first character finished the conversation.

However, if you do the exploit with teleporting out of the conversation right after you choose the reward, the enitre party can still get all the rewards - four idols and each of the boosts.
By Anonymous
Okay so for those having trouble with this whole "Teleport Exploit" I kept seeing below there is a much more simple way to get 4 (Five if you pick pocket her) Idols.

Simply sperate your party and have each one talk to her while not grouped. Pick the chrysalis option and complete the dialogue.

Let her walk all the way to the area, get bored (Takes a little over a minute of her standing in the meet up spot) and go back to her room.

Talk to her with a different part member and have them pick the chrysalis.

Just repeat this for all the party members and then 1 by 1 finish the quest by having them talk to her to "Try again". Each member will be given the idol with no trouble.
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