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By Anonymous
The visions are:

A towering oak: (+2 STR -2 CON)
A curved quill: (+2 INT -2 CON)
A golden chest : (-2 CON +Gold) ---> not worth it
A dragon: (+2 WIT -2 CON)
A chrysalis: (-2 CON +Idol of Rebirth) ---> resurrects you once if you die, still not worth it IMO

You also gain 6000 XP when you get 'kissed', although only the character that receives the talent gets it.
The process can be repeated for all your four characters.
By Anonymous
I would say the idol is 100% worth it for anyone doing an Honor difficulty run since you only get 1 save and idols prevent you from wiping.
By Anonymous
If you kill her you receive 4000 XP, two unique identical daggers Venombite and Terrorbite (19-20 DMG in my game), an Ashen Idol of Rebirth and a key which I do not know what opens.
By Anonymous
I did not get two daggers from killing her, I recieved two rings and an amulet, the same items I could buy from her before going to fight her, so it seems her items are somewhat random at least.
By Anonymous
Never mind, I did get the daggers but I did not see it because of my messy inventory.
By Anonymous
The Key opens a chest in the same room you meet her in (coordinates x:433 Y:798)
By Anonymous
I had wondered what the crafting recipe was for the Ashen idol of rebirth, as, to the best of my knowledge, I'm unaware if you can actually craft one? I tested out the Idol after testing the outcomes of this 'quest' and it turns into the Ashen idol upon death. It seems that restoring the resurrection aspect of the idol is fairly inexpensive (regen scroll + Ashen idol) but if one can craft an Ashen idol out of other ingredients without getting a permanent CON debuff, this "gift" is a really bad one, in agreement with your opinion. I may end up just killing her after reading the post above mine... the daggers will be better than what I'm currently using + an ashen idol + a key... Lol... sounds like the best "gift" out of the whole lot. Why am I going to sacrifice 2 CON for any other stat when I can go to Lady Vengeance and re-stat my character anyway?
By Anonymous
You don't sacrifice stats at all because you can just return to the Lady Vengeance to restore the 2 constitution stats, you literally gain experience and loot and lose nothing in this quest.
By Anonymous
they fixed it you can no longer respec the kiss
By Anonymous
You can pickpocket the Idol of Rebirth
By Anonymous
But only once tho.
By Anonymous
just tested it and you cant actually respec out of the talent or restat the CON back
By Anonymous
when you spec out of the talent do you lose the +2 stat points as well? because if that's the case i'll just get 2k gold for all my characters then just spec out of the talent
By Anonymous
Also just tested it, doesnt work. Spiders Kiss talent doesnt appear when you look at talents through magic mirror.
By Anonymous
So I'm guessing if you take -2 con and + 2 other_stat, if you feel you need the con back just go respec and take 2 out of stat you choose to add too and place it back in Con. in the log run you don't "loose" any stat points, I am curious too see if this will let you go past max of 40 in a certain stat
By Anonymous
Your base constitution lowers from 10 to 8. If you were to choose wits, the base goes from 10 to 12 and you will not be able to take away from the base...
By Anonymous
Is there no Finesse bonus available? That's kinda lame.
By Anonymous
Someone with Pet Pal may want to try this: Get the Spider Kiss talent here, and then go meet "the Widow" in Act 2 in Ryker's place. - Apparently she won't get mad at you and it may make things easier.

I didn't have pet pal and broke into the stairwell that led to her room, she walked up to me and it said she poked at my cheeks and then left me alone, thinking me one of her own kin. So assuming the Kiss talent you get here gives a benefit to interactions with her
By Anonymous
when you spec out of the talent do you lose the +2 stat points as well? because if that's the case i'll just get 2k gold for all my characters then just spec out of the talent
By Anonymous
Me and another friend can't get the kiss from her. What are we doing wrong?
By Anonymous
Go alone. If you are together she won't kiss you.
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