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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Now that the game has been officially released, does anyone know the maximum number of points you can assign to an attribute?
At least 10, as far as I'm aware. Seeing as summoning an Incarnate gets super fancy at rank 10 summoning.
That's Abilities, not Attributes. Someone eventually answered my question on the attributes page anyway. Apparently the cap is 40 for Attributes, and it is indeed 10 for Combat Abilities. 5 for Civil Abilities, of which you only get 1 point for every 4 levels gained, starting from level 2.

I'd throw that information up on that page somewhere, but I'm not familiar with wiki's (am I even allowed to do that?), and don't yet own the game, so I can't 100% vouch for the above info.
It says that there are 12 starting classes here, but there are actually 14.
Sorry for the dumb question. But is there a jump button or jump feature?
sadly no
There is not-- however skills like Cloak and Dagger, Tactical Retreat, and other will let you jump around and cross impassible terrain
How do i remove my teams collar



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Progress through the story and you'll find it.

*SPOILER* You can get your own collar removed in Fort Joy once you become the champion of the arena. You can remove it from your entire party once you save Gareth and return to Amadia's Sanctuary in the swamp outside the fort. A dwarf lady there will take them off of your party for you.
You can persuade Duggan to ask his elven girlfriend to remove the collars if you have Beast in your party.
You can directly persuade the elven girl in Amadia's shrine if you get Lohse to sing to her.
What is a good comp to use for beginner players?
Where is my stuff after i got thrown in the jail in arx?
I have the same question too. It's extremely annoying to have to reload the game from the last save every time Ifan gets arrested when crossing the main square in Driftwood - or lose his weapon and shield. I hadn't saved after a very difficult fight once and ported the team to driftwood where I absent-mindedly crossed the square and Ifan got arrested and lost a sweet, sweet weapon and shield I had just purchased for him :(((
your stuff can be found in the chest across the hall from your cell when you escape.
If you save the game and then get into combat you can't win or even survive, why can't you get back to where you saved the game?
click load instead of quick load
I somehow locked one of my character's bag . How to unlock it?
Would love an answer to that prob! Same happened here
Just save the game and reload it.
It's a known bug. In a battle the bags of the characters get locked when it isn't their turn. Sometimes after the fight it bugs out so you are not able to access it, simply saving and then reloading fixes it.
How do I run the game?
It depends on where you bought it... But it basically amounts to clicking on the icon that corresponds to the game. Or maybe a button that says Play or Launch on it. Or is this an existential question? Are you looking for a philosophical, meaning of life type of answer here? How do you run a web browser or a word processor? It's basically the same with this game. You're a big boy! Figure it out!