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so, they start you off with a dex weapon, but luckly your abilities scale off strength. If anyone sees this, make sure to start with strength class like Knight, then change their talents/perks or what ever around.
During beta, poly used to scale based on your weapon of choice like warfare. Sadly they changed this to full str.
polymorph class starts with 2 str 2 fin. it is pointless to stick with that, change it around. i suggest doing str and just dual wield or even two hander, maybe give the 2 in finesse to constitution instead. taking this with warfare would be amazing. if you wanted to be able to buff both physical armor and magical armor, maybe take water magic also.

also, if undead, i wonder if poison skin messes up your ability to heal from poison or if it would be smart to take this with undead
I have to disagree with you.If you leave with the 2str and 2 fin and do a mix of a summoner and polymorph build it works out great.Summons only rely on the summon skill no int at all and the few polymorph skills that scale only scale with strength and level. If you keep the str and fin you have more variety of armors to use and beyond that you can use spears or two handed swords and axes. Sometimes you will find spears that are great and without fin you can't use them.I am currently doing a runthrough as a polymorphing two handed summoner and it is working amazingly
Jellyfish skin still allows you to be healed by poison.I think it may even increase the healing.Use that plus rain and contamination when you need poison surfaces.
Only 2 abilities scale off strength. I think bull horns as well but the damage isn't all that great its the statues they inflict. The reason they put 2 finesse and 2 strength is that you have enough strength to equip armor requirements and pump most of the points in finesse to get better damage from your spear. I think its pretty cool. You have armor, longer melee range and a skills that allow you to adapt to any situation. If you choose lone wolf you still only get 1 point for polymorph so if you put that into finesse you get 10% more strength plus 20% if you put all in finesse. compare to putting into warfare its the same thing except if you take picture of health. This is what I have learned so far.
really usefull for a assassin (scoundrel) put 3 point in poly (which also give 3 stats points) and choose chiken clow and medusa for crowd control (pick this one because they work against armor, and you do dmg to armor), and also pick skin graft both usefull to removes "curse" and reset skill, and pick chamelon to hide afterr your first engage (in order to not be fully attack by the other party (work against npc not sure against real player ^^)

since most of those skill are crowd control or add status (buff) to the caster, you can say polymorph works with anything with more or less effectiveness, a mage can use the wings to escape danger or spiders legs to prevent opponents mobility when a warrior will use the tentacle for some range attacks or the chicken claw becaus will have often the range to cast and since the warrior will destroy physical armor their target will not resist the spell.
Definitely wouldn't work against a real player seeing as any level 1 hydrosophist can mass dispel invisibility with rain.
Correction, medusa head scale with magic armor, so its not that usefull

Nope, the skill it gives you, Petrifying Visage, says, "Damage based on your level and receives a bonus from strength." What must have confused you is the fact that Petrifying Visage is resisted by magic armor, but that's true for quite many other skills in the game than scale off of a different stat, like Intelligence.
Where is Bleed Fire?
That's a pyrokinetic skill.
Turn to Oil, combine poly and geo tomes
i am currently doing a retribution/necromancy character with this in the mix. using lone wolf. it words really well together. picked up the elf girl as a summoner, it is a really great team up, focus on physical damage, also since the main is an elf also, they can flesh sacrifice, use the puddles of blood to raise totems and incarnate.
Anything works in duo lone wolf, you freaking scrub. Especially when one is a summoner. lmao
your combo with flesh sacrifice can also be done with the fire of the lizard special skill (fire breath) you dont get
bonus AP but at least you do good damage with fire ground for your summons/totems, also with undead character when you get hurts you bleed poison so another kind of special ground for more versatility among your pets/totems
People here are salty someone's not playing the game their way. They make all of the people who love the original CRPGs look like entitled prats.