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Confirming: Trap disarm kit has no effect.
Tracks of the Tyrant - I stood next to the tower on the beach and just teleported the bodies and items down to me
Crate and barrels do not survive
Who cares about crates and barrels?
Sell all the pieces to the fletcher from act 2 he upgrades them to level 18 when in Arx
Awaiting confirmation.
Just tried it out, can confirm it's true. Get all the pieces in Act 1. In Act 2 (Reaper's coast), to to the lumber mill and rescue Fletcher Corbin Day and he will join you on the Lady Vengeance. Sell him the Artefacts. Act 3, nothing happens. Act 4, the items will be upgraded to the level you are at (I was at 18). Are they good? No. Divine items are better...
Unfortunately the negative effects are only gone if you have the whole set equipped. If you unequip even one item, the negative effects of the other parts come back. So if you're using this set, keep a backup set of items in your pack, so if you want to stop using this, you can swap out the entire set at once.
Trap Disarm kit does not work, 18 STR is the only way
The Disarm Kit is only for the poison trap.
There are two statues in the room, the pants are found at the one without the chest next to it.