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interesting fact, if you wear the set and go to respec mirror in act 2, the unlocked talents become permanent even after removing the set, and you can redistribute the points. and you can repeat this with every character.
Can someone confirm this?
If you're running 3 or less characters you can always recruit a 4th and give them the Pet Pal talent, go talk to the pig then dismiss them afterwards. I was running just two characters for Lone Wolf and thought I couldn't complete this.
I interacted with the statue with 16 wit (15 plus an item boost) and I didn't get any item. There was a chest next to the statue but all it had was a bow. I was not currently on the withermore quest I came back later.
Wrong statue there's two the ine without the chest is the correct one
There is another statue on the opposite wall. That is the one you are looking for.
What statue???
Any way to get one of those item back after you LOST it? Are there ITEM ID's ? :(
Tyrants stride falls through the floor for me and I can't get it. Reloaded the game quite a few times.
Sam thing happened to me! Any suggestions?
I put a vase in the spot where it lands and it didnt fall through, so i would try that.
I searched the area it fell in and used the menu that popped up to place the pants in my hand, i then opened my inventory and placed them in a bag
If anyone is still having this problem, I noticed it was because the character who interacted with the statue is standing right where it lands, so just move your character immediately after interacting with the statue and it will land on the ground instead.
The set is okay, the helm is great. After purge is used a few times the skill changes to shackles of pain.
Quite honestly the whole set is not worth it, by the time i finished the quest I already got the gear ready, although, you should probably take the helm, There is a special interraction when you talk to gareth in his camp that alows you to go through the shreekers (dunno how it's spelled)
I already got better gear* ready
How do you not know how something is spelled that is repeated IN TEXT countless times in the game? If you'd only heard the word by ear I'd understand, but I'm not even a native speaker and I have no freaking issue with it. Illiterate people these days... PS: It's spelled Shrieker. You know, like the verb "to shriek".
Because if he plays the game in any language other than English, he can only hear the word "shrieker", but the text is in another language. But it's important to insult someone first right?
If you don't have enough strength or wit, just buff your character with courage.
Not everyone has a human in their party...
just use Fane's shapeshifter mask to make a companion a human temporarily


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15 Wits worked for me for Stride, there any other confirmation on the number of uses to summon the demon from the helm? Or it changing to shackles of pain afterward?
You need 3 uses for the helm to release the demon. you can then loot the helm from the demon, but it has shackles instead of purge.