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how much strength do you need to open that coffin lid? i have 18 and still to heavy.
anyone know where i can get a hold of a strength potion?
You need 19. Use Encourage, Rest or whatever to buff your strength and it's enough.
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If you have trouble opening the tomb:

just brick one of the followers you do not use by giving them high strength, and then buffing. Be sure they will need the points invested at some point though, so you can save the build at higher levels. 15 strength, plus clear mind, and a minor +1 strength potion should do.
Tyranns Helm become you when you use the corpse eat skill on alexander you fight his demon!
no the demon is from the helmet, if you use the helmet ability too much the demon comes out and fights u after that u get an helmetvariant with Bond of Pain
I activated the monolith but didn't get the helm, did I do something wrong?
You need a source point, which you already used to bless the lever. Just run back and click on that source tub thing to get another point. Then activate the monolith.
Hold 'Alt' key and you may see that the helm is in the shrine, in that beam between the two pyramids. Maybe you didn't see it because of camera or something.
The Helm does not fall on the ground, it's well hidden in the light beam. Use mouse to reveal it.
I feel obligated to mention that after you complete the set, you can't wear any of the set seperate or else all the curses will come back


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Imagine my surprise when they forcibly removed my helmet for the blindfolded fight in the Act 2 arena. Bad enough I was blinded, but handicapped even further with all the curses of the Tyrant x_x
"imagine my surprise when they forcibly removed my helmet for the blindfolded fight in the Act 2 arena" OMG! you're so right, never thought of that, thx for the warning!
Strides requires a Wit of either 14 or 15 to activate the statue.
Stride required not 15 but 17 Wits for me
why bother? The items are worthless, at the point when you complete the set you have far more superior gear anyway.
That's not true, not always, made 4 runs, and only once i had a better gear than it.
Because if you're stupid enough to put one of the items on (me), you're cursed. And the curse can only be removed if you get all pieces and wear them at the same time.
Yeah, I thought it would grant a mega buff or something...
Trap Disarm Kits do NOT work on the tomb in Braces Rex's Tower on PC.