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once I retrieved all parts of this set, it said that the curse was lifted but the individual pieces are still cursed :(
Well that's just terrible, lol. Gotta love how this game works! :(
Sorry, I meant to "reply" earlier, messed that up, lol.

But just a hint, once you use the helmet a 3rd time to Purge...you're in for a surprise, I love this game, lol!
Damn. still crused though
Update, I decided to collect the pieces I was missing and it's not cursed once everything is equipped. I thought maybe you had to also equip Braccas's ring, but that's not needed either. Did you get the Journal update that the quest line was closed?
Trap disarm doesn't seem to work on the tomb anymore
Need around 18 str to open it and it procs a poison trap
Anyone know how to get the legs? The statue in the Ancient Passage does nothing when talking to it. Even when pumping up to 15 wit, a chest appeared but it just had gold in it.
You may want to reload your save and try again? I did it twice and it showed up fine both times. I basically equipped enough +1 equipment and then dosed a potion just to make sure it worked before I finished the set, lol.
i tried using pots and food and gear and it didn't work. I then dropped one of my party memebers and got a different one and leveled all wit and that didn't work either.... not sure what to do at this point...
Probably checking the wrong statue. I had 14 wits, ate a puffball for an extra wit. With the 15 wit i spoke to the statue that doesn't have the chest next to it and went through the dialogue that comes up and it dropped the piece.
After using the Purge skill granted by the helm 3 times, a deamon will show up. Kill him and the purge skill will be replaced by Shackles Of Pain.
And the -1 Leadership becomes +1 Leadership
18 strength is needed for opening the sarcophagus that has the armour.
I sold the first piece of the set by mistake. Any chance of getting it back without loading a previous save?
cant you just go buy it from the person who you sold it to?
The vendor you sold it to should have the armor piece. You can buy it back.
In case you can't find the Tyrant's Stride, search for another statue it that cave
18 Strength got it open for me. Remember to cast peace of Mind for the extra +2 Strength if you need it


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Imagine my surprise when they forcibly removed my helmet for the blindfolded fight in the Act 2 arena. Bad enough I was blinded, but handicapped even further with all the curses of the Tyrant x_x