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This fight is absolute HELL
Teleport the boss to the paladin camp. It's alot easier as a 8 v 1. on the bosses first move he will keep hitting a character until his magic armor is gone. Saw him attack 5 times in a row on the lvl 15 camp leader. Really lame fight, do not feel guilty cheesing it.
Beware of being Terrified-locked during this fight, even on Explorer difficulty. The main enemy has a Terrify Aura spell that means any melee-ranged characters get perma-Terrified and rendered basically unable to fight unless they have a ranged attack. Additional enemies spawned seem to like to corner or flank you and Terrify-lock you that way.

As of right now, your characters can also get "stuck" with the Terrified debuff continually trying to apply on you and about all you can do is rapidly click End Turn until the turn actually ends.

Absolutely awful fight.
I had this bug but I just moved away during it and was able to use moves afterwards.
Whoever thought this fight would be a "fun and challenging addition" to the game needs to be led to a dark alley at night and then repeatedly punched in the crotch.
Yep, perma-terror aura is*****.
I beated it at lv11 by teleporting the scarecrow boss to the other hill and focus fire on it. I recommend getting a few Peace mind scroll or skill to clear the terrorfie status on teammate.
If you have an assassin/hunter buff him up and focus the boss after the dodge buff expires.
Heal him like crazy! He will go down fast then :D


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Well guys, What I did (piece of cake), was while he was talking to my speaker, with the other characters (all have 2 Aerotheurge + Teleport) I teleported him WAY away of the fight site, i dropped him around where Siva's hanging (Just in Case, the magisters around there will join the fight and attack the Scarecrow). Also, again while talking, I used Peace of Mind on the talker (Buffs don't decrease while talking). So the big Scarecrow won't fight (away from the fight site) and the others are not that hard, just heal + teleport them together + Use flammenwerfer on them like Hans would.
What I did, I had a couple accessories that gave restoration skill, if you don't have it you can use scrolls. The easiest way (in terms of speed) is use whatever character you have with high hydrosophist points (increase amount of healing) on the scarecrow - healing can't be evaded. This will melt away his physical armor, then with my undead mage (necromancer + summoner) I cast shackles of pain, then drank a 330 hp potion dealing 330 damage to me AND the scarecrow. Then you can easily finished him off with your remaining teammate restoration skill/scroll. Another method is similar to BroekenNova's idea of casting peace of mind on the talker since buff don't decrease while talking.