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Actually, the key to the room your main character is locked in can be found in a small corner south of the room. No need to lockpick.
x626 y 599 for the stupid ladder, wish a ghost would put a marker on his 'office' had to run around for ages and its not obvious visually you can walk up the boat
If you still kept the teleportation pyramids from your time on The Lady Vengeance, you can use them to group up your companions without having to risk running around one by one.
I am so freaking stuck!!! Any tips or tricks to get through this? I'm desperate...
Same. I feel like I am under leveled for this area. I am level 11 with a pure physical damage party and I get wrecked by the voidwoken.
There is an easy shortcut. Teleport someone off the troll bridge, access the waypoint, then you'll have your party at Mordus' doorstep. Makes fighting all the voidlings optional.
The XP you lost tho !
For me, the separation thing didn't happen. Maybe it depends on the entry you take. There is an entry quite close to Mordus already. Then you can explore the rest later in peace.
Same here. I came in directly at Mordus, Bargained with him and in my infinite mercy let him go (roughed him up good first), explored the ENTIRE cave system finding everything above, saving the hatch for the last and getting the thing from the place you're supposed to get. Seems like my play through was lucky. No teleportation, no characters getting separated... Just a bucket of exp and story progression (and some good loot!)
Well, that was stupidly designed. My teleporter pyramids were taken from me in Love Has a Price quest and wandering in the Wrecker's Cave is a part of the way to get back my belongings. I effectively have no mean of getting my team back together. Game over.
I did it without teleporting - you dont need to use them
Your belongings are still in thebroom with the hooker ina backback at the foot of the bed... The dialogue says talk to Lohan but he doesn't have your stuff
Managed to get my team back together without the pyramids too. Had some luck with sneaking around one of the void beasts, and wrecked another with my conjurer (using high ground makes voidlings look pretty stupid).
The funny things you can use teleportation pyramids.... and also you can transfer the teleportation to each companion.... is that a bug?
Anybody know how to nab the "Lost Chest"? You can see it when you're on the top level of the cave, where you first enter. If you go all the way to the back, where you get webbed and taken, if you look beside the overhanging piece of debris, there's a chest with traps around it sitting in a wreck. There's more boat debris below it with the mast of that bottom ship resting on the lip of the debris with the chest in it.
I cannot figure out how to get that chest in the boat hull surrounded by three traps either. I tried to teleport both the chest and people into the area, but couldn't due to Line of Sight. Anyone know how?
Use the teleporter pyramids from the top level. You can put the pyramid on the top of the hull's wall, teleport to it, and you will be put inside the hull instead. Then after you get the chest, move the pyramid to the floor of the hull where it's broken off. Then you can move it again, below, to the ship deck with the hatch in it. If you get line of sight issues, you need to get closer to the edge (you can't fall after all), and move the pyramid close as well. For some reason, you can't do it from your inventory. I have 5 telekenisis. Your mileage without it may vary.
Polymporh flight
I did it by summoning an incarnate up there then teleporting to it
+1 For the tleporter pyramids method. I can also confirm that even level one Telekinesis was enough to place one of the pyramids on the edge of the wreck, as long as it has been placed on the ground first.
use farsight spell (huntsman 1 source), then tactical jump from platform below :)
Wow that was anticlimactic. Spent the entire module thinking about it and eventually respecced into telekinesis and used a telekinesis potion and geared telekinesis for a total of 11 points telekinesis and got it only to discover.... a fireball scroll and 100 gold.