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Fly ignores Attack of opportunity.
Can you cast the wings on another party member, or only yourself?
Does it count has hight ground ?
I'm going to test this. Also going to test I'll let ya'll know later.
Got it from eating "Magister's Severed Head" on Sebille with polymorph 2
also when active, besides the Flight skill, you can move across non-cloud surfaces without taking damage (standing on them would still damage you)
That's not true. I still get damaged when I float above fire. Dunno if it's a bug or intended.
In my game, no one sells this skillbook. In act 2 and check the driftwood stores. Nothing.
This skill can be learned by eating "Magister's Severed Head" found on a corpse (X:381,Y:226) in the Hallowed Marshes.
ty in 2020, bit late but .. hey :)


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Using its “Flight” ability acts like movement, not a teleport. It WILL trigger Rupture Tendon damage.
you will also take damage from ground and clouds if you fly trought, like poison cloud or burned grounds, another problem if your movement speed are reduced to 0 like having 300/200 weight you cant fly at all
I was experimenting with the surface immunity portion of this and was disappointed to discover that it doesn't prevent you from being shocked on an electrified water surface :(
Correction: It works but *ONLY WHILE MOVING*. Which was very disappointing.