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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Any idea how to get this yet?
Apparently i've heard it comes from the red prince story in the last act.
This ability doesnt exist on GM mode, does it really exists in the full game?
It does exist in GM mode. It's under three memory slot spells. However it seems to be bugged and considers everywhere an invalid target.
This is not a learn-able summoning skill, and it's placement here is misleading. This is a monster-only skill, unlike the summon condor or oily skills.
I suggest this page gets removed.
Actually its not a monster only skill someone can get it through a quest, lets not spread false rumors.
"After a meeting with Sadha, have the red prince breathe on the dragon egg to bond with it. You will get the skill after that" Can someone confirm this?
Yes, make the prince active and "talk" to the egg, then pick the breathe option.
Any fire damage will work, but only the prince can hatch it without prove the Sadha.
Is it strong? Is it worth to take red prince for that?
Confirm that the Skill is good to get, the "baby" dragon is cute and pretty strong :"> Just remember bring Swornbreaker to save Princess and take the baby
Before i started my playthrough i checked on this wiki the spells from the different classes to get an idea what i am going to play and the summoning spells caught my attention. A cat, a condor and even a dragon. it was like a dream that came true. after i ended the first act and reached summoning lvl 10 my little incarnation became that big bad *** and i thought "what will happen to the cat or to this dragon that i will summon later? will they become as ballsy as my lvl 10 incarnation?". Now im in act 2 and over 37 hours into the game and the bookseller wont give me my beloved spells. i checked the wiki again and now i see in the comments that all the fancy spells are quest rewards and the worst part is i cant get them. my playmate went pat pal so there was no need for me to get it too. So in act 1 he got the spell for summoning the cat. the cat wasnt a great fighter so i wasnt that sad about it but after we reached the point where we could get the condor i had to respec my character to get this summoning. after that i checked on the wiki again how to get this dragon and all i found was that i need the red prince to for the spell. unlucky like i am i ditched the red prince after act 1 for the beast because i didnt like his attitude. now im sad that i wont get any cool spells that i thought were part of the summoning class and think about respecing my summoning char. im sad, disappointed and mad but cant blame anyone so im here to tell you my misery. (sorry for bad gramma)
If you are a lizard or have pryo spells I think you can get it and I think the mask of the shapeshifter gives racial abilities so that could work I doubt it only the red prince as that would be very limited the amount of people that get this spell seeing as you can do this encounter without the red prince and no other spells in the game are limited to one character even quest ones
feel pretty weak for a 2-memory slot skill


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Are these summons based on the summoning talent as well as the level of the Character? Maybe that is why it would seem weak?