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By Anonymous
Ok so you can do "not kill Peeper" option without being attacked by Daeyena and another elf. For that you have to undress Undead character (I had Fane) and he will scare Daeyena, she will run away. With another character you shall talk to second elf, and the rest 2 characters can kill void chickens and loot some source orbs. Works in Definitive Edition.
By Anonymous
you have to talk to the now dead hen ghost after returning to cheek up on him/it and all the hens are dead... then you are supposed to get a few dialog options that leets you kill the black thing as part of the dialog rather then by engaging in open combat... i think the xp is still the same ,well - what you get from killing the elfs of course.

at least acording to amoths experience..and fanes so at least it works for undeads aslong you spoken with big marges or what the hen was called ghost before going to the roster.
By Anonymous
Didn't work for me. They joined the battle and broke conversation. I'll just do that peeper quest after the other one
By Anonymous
If you will talk to Magic Rooster with a character that has no Pet Pal, they will do some "cawking" dialogue lines, you will get 5k xp and A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN. I strongly suggest to save before you attempt to dive into that.
By Anonymous
If Daeyana (gift bag mod) and her companion are near Magicockerel, they will become your enemies if you choose "not to kill that cute little ball of fluff." I tried this with a few reloads and bribes on Daeyana (to 100), and it appeared to make no difference. If it's possible to move Daeyana away (perhaps by doing later spore things? IDK how Daeyana works) then do that before escorting Peeper to Magicockerel, otherwise your choices will be killing Peeper for 7k exp+reward, or killing Peeper's voidwoken, Daeyana, and her companion.

I haven't done a playthrough with the Daeyana content, not sure if she'll spawn later if killed but I expect she won't. Really stupid placement and agro calculus for this particular NPC at this particular time.

By Anonymous
Also note, if you talk w/Daeyana before Magicockerel, do it with the NPC that Peeper is not following. Otherwise Daeyana will kill Peeper (collateral damage) during the conversation and you only get 5k exp instead of the 7k or more you get from Magicockerel.
By Anonymous
You can't move her away. I've tried.
By Anonymous
I don't know what caused it but the Magicockeral totally f'ed me, never given the choice to kill peeper. I arrived with peeper and the only dialog was something like, well you brought him, you deal with him and he warped out and everything aggroed.
By Anonymous
Same thing is happening to me right now. Found the chickens dead, found Peeper, used Spirit Vision, talked to Big Marge, but no option with Magic Cockeral and I deeply need that XP right now. Going to check if restarting the game solves this.
By Anonymous
large marge told me she buried a treasure behind the coup. sure would be handy if the wiki had a location for it.
By Anonymous
You can see it on the mini-map or map
By Anonymous
it must have bugged out. it wasn't on my map when i pulled it up. only the red flag for marge labelled coup. similarly when i fed the cat named 'pox' 3 fish to reveal a chest, it also bugged out and there's no location for that chest either. i read that it had garbage loot so i figured it's not worth the effort to get my rightfully earned reward. if this happens to anyone else, it's in front of the barn behind the interactable item called 'henhouse.'
By Anonymous
I had to walk DIRECTLY behind the henhouse several times, until one of my characters went "what's this? I found something!" and found a Ruby to dig up. It's really quite clunky.
By Anonymous
You can only discover digging sites if your wit is high enough, or you know where the spot is and use a shovel on the ground.
By Anonymous
Fun fact; this annoying Chicken is not only stupid, it lacks self preservation and there's no checks that they coded in to stop the chicken, sir lora, from joining you in the arena.
How did I find this out? So the chicken may have exploded into necrofire while me and my friends were in the arena, blind folded.

Slightly irritating, but at least that's *one* less annoying critter to deal with I suppose..
(as a side; im sure sir lora is cool. i however dont have petpal, someone else does, and im very tired of him standing in deadly AoEs, taking damage from AoEs, or just not staying out of combat. :v)
By Anonymous
"So the chicken may have exploded into necrofire while me and my friends were in the arena, blind folded"

By Anonymous
If you're doing a 2 person lone wolf playthrough with atleast 1 undead character you can remove your clothing and Daeyana ai will cause her to run away. Get her far away then talk to the other elf so he won't aggro during the fight then you can complete the peeper quest without additional hires. Then you can always go back to Daeyana and she should slowly be walking back to her original spot.
By Anonymous
Ohhh is that what merk'd me? Im like wtf I got 3 shotted
By Anonymous
Damn elves, always up to no good.
By Anonymous
With lvl 12, last game version: killing peeper in the name of Magicockerel gives me 1 rune awarded form Magicockerel , 1 Source Orb from dead peeper and 1 rune and 1 legendary two-hand sword form the chest.
By Anonymous
if you do this before seeds of power, you will aggro the elves from that quest
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