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Use spirit Walk and speak with the chicken ghost who will tell you to bring the chicken to his fathern 'the special rooster'
You can eat the egg and tell the chickens. So cruel.
More like gross, the egg was already infected.
But I wanted to keep the chicken. Does it have to die?
Where's the father? been running around with no luck thus far....
Head north from the chickens, pass through the gate with the paladins, and then continue heading north. IIRC you can get there without running into any enemies.
Just East of Driftwood Fields, past the river. Just West of Elven Camp. Magicockerel is his name.
X:435 Y:305 ;)
allways kill peeper ifront of his father for some sweet loot!
father is called magicockerel at x: 440 y: 306 closest teleport is probs driftwood fields, though paladin bridgehead is pretty close as well
Spirit of Big Marge won't talk to me, tried saving and reloading game. Peeper also will not follow me. Anyone else having this issue?
Found a solution; separate the party member with pet pal from the other party members. Enabled me to continue the quest.
I had the same problem when talking to the "father rooster". The dialogue to progress the quest was not present. When i've separated the charcter with paypal and talked to the rooster again the quest progressed and i was able to finish the quest. Thanks for the tip.
I found the egg but not the chickens, cordiantes pls?