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If you need help with Alexander and the void worm. Try using teleport to grab alexander far away from his allies. Beat him until the voidworm arrives, then leave them to fight each other. Most of his allies should rush to aid him against the worm and they will all die. That's what I did on tactician difficulty. Also, it seems if you damage a target enough before the void worm takes them out, you can get experience. Sometimes he will thrash someone and you wont get any exp though. I got over 7k exp when Alexander died, though it wasn't clear if it was exp for killing him or just quest exp.
Hi everybody

1) i stole the wand from Radeka without killing her
2) i freed the dragon from stakles and gave him the purging wand, he became a Lizard and offered to help me later.
3) i destroyed myself 4 schriekers of 5 near alexander
3) i defeated Alexander without seeing the dragon (but with the help of Matis and another seeker who now are dead...)
4) i killed Radeka (now i was stronger and the fight was easier)
5) now "the purged dragon" quest say that i have saved the dragon but also that i have to pick up the wand from the dead body of the Witch, the same wand i already gave to Slane...

result: the quest remains open...
any advices ?
Make sure you pick up the wand off of Radeka's body
help him and you get 2100xp and some meh loot, kill him and you get 6000xp and a better loot.
I didn't kill him for roleplay purposes; it's supposed to be an rpg
I don't know since which updates they changed it, but if you free Slane AFTER having killed every Shrieker in the area Slane will actually come but instead will give you a 50 turn Encouraged buff and also chill you for 6~7 turns from his presence. The journal also says: "Slane appeared and granted us a boon." (I also have screenshots if necessary)
It seems with at least definitive edition, slane wilkl leave comnbat if you try to attack him after to get his help and his loot. Guess you need to weigh up easy shrieker kills vs the xp and good loot. not a hard choice imo
Or just get both shrieker kills AND xp + good loot. Tried it with definitive edition and it still worked: 1. Give him the purging wand he wanted but don't press [end] 2. Attack him three times with a second character 3. Once he stands up and has an enemy outline, press [end] 4. He should reveal his lesser half. 5. Kill him for his loot after receiving quest exp 6. Watch him help you with the shriekers after you just killed him
I just gave him the wand, before I hit end I attacked him repeatedly. Switched back and hit end. He then transformed and I killed him for the loot and the 6k exp.
if you choose to kill the dragon, he moves around a lot, so open with a rupture tendons