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By Anonymous
Can this be cast on allies?
By Anonymous
i am curious of that too
By Anonymous
The text says your character not your target or ally, but I think it would be interesting if it did
By Anonymous
Yeah, but then it mentions what it does if you target a summon, which would require it being able to target an ally.
By Anonymous
can confirm it can be cast on allies and even enemies. accidentally cast it on kemm just now instead of on myself.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Dallis, for some *****ING reason bypasses this buff.
By Anonymous
Many cheap traps can bypasses this buff, kinda disappointing.
For example, toy-maker's second floor password chest, Lucian's statue.
By Anonymous
can you use this with the summoner skill supercharge to delay it's kill effect on your summon?
By Anonymous
Bloated Corpse + Supercharge + Death Wish + Living on the edge? Need to try. I'm even wondering if it works.
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By Futeko
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I tested this and sadly it doesn't work - the summon still disappears once Supercharged runs out. Same result with the "Door to Eternity" summoner skill. Supercharge just ignores all of those death-resist effects.
By Anonymous
Hannag used lava portal and killed me while i had the death resist status active. Total *******. :/
By Anonymous
Is it total bull*****or does lava not just kill you, but also drown you in lava and destroy your body so that it shouldn't protect?
By Burvjradzite
Thats a lie, it protected me well against lava in that battle
By Anonymous
this plus shackles of pain is deadly. plus if you use last rites right before this buff is about to go away you hit whoever is shackled with massive piercing damage.
By Anonymous
Shackles of pain doesn't go through physical armor anyways, so piercing damage is redundant.
By Anonymous
From the tactical point of view this spell is almost always a worse alternative to letting your character die and resurrect him after. Same cost - 3 AP; you don't need to waste extra memory slot; character CDs are reset after resurrection.
By Anonymous
You are overlooking one thing:

Lone Wolf runs where you attempt to win the game with 1 character.
There are a lot of enemies that will almost certainly kill you in battle, or who will kill you for killing them (such as Alice Alisceon due to the Level of her Retribution, or the zombies around Radeka in the island of Fort Joy when you attempt to rescue Slane).
By Anonymous
You're also overlooking turn order, character positions and, most importantly tactical control. Taking control of a risky turn by casting LoE is superior to hoping to be able to resurrect after **** hits the fan.
By Anonymous
this skill plus swap hp skill = any enemies with >10 hp. we one turn most of the bosses this way. literally no challenge at all.