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laser ray has a typo "line of intense HEAD"



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Fixed. You can fix typos easily by hitting the "edit" button on the top right.
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This is missing Firebrand
infectious flame is missing
No it’s not. The name is replaced with “Epidemic of Fire” in the released ver.
The weakest skill tree, filled with damage spells which deal no damage. Only haste and peace of mind are good, both being level 1 spells. Too bad.
You need to use debuff to make it work, necrofire, bleed fire, flay skin will makes it the skill tree with the most constant dps.
mass corpse explosion is OP
at least pyro offers some best offensive buffs and you only need put at most three points into pyro to get them and they don't scale with int, unless im playing builds focus on dot otherwise I'd rather learn damage skills of hydro/aero/geo since 90% of the time you can chain stun enemy to death with frozen/knockdown/stun
So they made a magic school that is primarily about dealing damage and then gave 95% of enemies 20-100% resistance to said school. Apart from haste and clear mind this school is really bad, everyone and his mom has fire resistance and aero/hydro/geo/poly offer way more crowd control than this. Fire immunity is the most common one apart from poison, having one point invested for the buffs and searing daggers incase you need to put something on fire, other than that this might as well not exist unfortunately.
You are not accounting for burning effect which reduces fire resistances by 15%. You will find CC effects in a geomancer skills which are meant to be paired with pyro at least to some degree. There are other ways to manage resistances, let's say on bosses with large health pools, you can do it via flay skin (poly) All around it it is a solo LW playthrough, yes, you will need to alternate between Pyro-Geo and Hydro-Aero layouts for the early and mid game (late game you have enough of stats to have them all memorised and you'd be pushing damage of scoundrel not individual trees. In 4man party, no one is forcing you to have only pyro on a character or even rush it. I often find that I level it along with geo for interactions.
Also Poly-Pyro book Bleed Fire Lowers fire resists by 20% for 1AP
Massively powerful end-game, even if your focus is solely on Pyrokinetics to deal damage. Late game with Lone Wolf, Fane can hit 100% critical chance carrying the Divine Spark axe, and if you dump points into 2h + Scoundrel your critical damage can climb very high (mine is at 230% at the final fight on last runthrough's save file, and I have only 1 point in Scoundrel). Pyrokinetics has a huge synergy with crit, as spells like Meteor Shower, Spontaneous Combustion, Searing Daggers, and (most importantly) Mass Deploy Traps all increase the power of critical hits exponentially. Hitting a single target with multi-hit abilities -- which all separately critical for massive crit damage -- creates instances of extreme damage. And when you factor in flat percentage increase of your damage that Fire provides (fire = 15% / necrofire = 20%, plus stacking 20% from Bleed Fire), that critical damage gets further increased after initial damage calculations. 100 damage gets increased to 230 from crit, but then gets increased to 322 from Pyro's natural burning damage increases. Not to mention things like neck runes add +1 Pyro and +6% crit, further supporting critical hits and Pyro synergy. ---------SPOILERS AHEAD---------------------SPOILERS AHEAD------------------------SPOILERS AHEAD------------------------------ So my Pyromancer Fane can wipe the final boss fight in his first turn (technically two turns, but they're really just one large turn broken into two parts via Time Warp); this is both WITHOUT resetting cooldowns, and WITHOUT using green tea or green tea leaves. This is using 100% Pyrokinetic abilities. Lucian goes first, he melee attacks Fane after AoE Blessing everyone, causing Fane to bleed fire thanks to Divine Spark. Fane now has Elemental Affinity. In the next 2-part turn, Fane can wipe out Lucian/Dallis/Braccus all at the same time, by going Fireball --> Epidemic of FIre --> Laser Ray --> Meteor Storm (executes SIlent Monk Garreth at this point, +2 AP) --> Bleed Fire --> Mass Deploy Traps. After Mass Deploy Traps (which deals 12-15k damage each, factoring in +40% from Necrofire + Bleed Fire), Lucian/Dallis/Braccus are all rendered unconscious at once. At this point, it's simply a matter of mopping up random Eternal Angel + Divine Order Archer + Gheist. If you're concerned about the AP costs, keep in mind that Adrenaline Rush + Executex2 gives A LOT of extra AP when combined with Elemental Affinity-reduced Pyrokinetics. Trust me, I have the save file and have done the final fight at least 10 times, probably more like 15.
*100% Pyrokinetic abilities besides Time Warp **SPOILERS** Also, tried doing the same thing with Aerotheurgy, subbing in different gear, changing out Torturer for Far Out Man, couldn't get quite 100% crit but instead had passive Thick of the Fight for extra damage. Aero can also "beat" the boss battle in "one" turn (using Time Warp), but with significant caveats: 1) Must reset cooldowns 2) Must use green tea leaf for -1 to all AP costs 3) Can't actually "kill" Dallis and Braccus