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Ironically, she has one hell of a fetish for the Undead, Send in Fane... and she will fight with you. Just don't forget to send in your team when the fighting starts =P
Went in, spent the night, teleport my crew in, confront him, let him go, quest didn't close so, I teleport him to the outhouse and killed him there, quest closed after. I didn't do nothing at first until I found out he killed a brother and sister.
I killed them, then killed the waiter, but in journal it says he lied and ran away :/
If you're undead (and thus FORCED into combat), use a teleporter stone to bring the rest of your party in, AND you manage to keep the lizard alive, when you talk to her don't choose to go again > Look undead racial, as that will cause your game to crash, 100%.
Scratch that: Looking nonchalant afterwards does the same thing. No idea if it occurs with other races as well, as I've only my OC Undead character and Fane that I could test it on.
Wow I thought I was the only one getting a crash there.
anyone else get the lizard lady(zharah) hostile to you during the fight (undead)
I just did this as Undead (Fane). She was allied during the fight and talked to her after for seconds (after putting back on my gear, just in case) and I chose [Undead] Look undead so we went again. No crash or anything. It's Oct. 11th now so maybe they patched it.
I just went in with the Red Prince and the prostitute transformed into the Red princess next morning. But after that, when talking to Lovrik about it he says he doesn't know a Red Lizard and the quest is still open... Any ideas how to finish it if you go with the Red Prince in there?
same issue.
There are so many different ways this goes down.
WARNING* Do not search Mordus' house before going to see the lizard. I did this and lost the letter i had to give to Lohar to complete his 1st quest. As i roll a solo campain, I have no way to retreive my inventory, I can not steal it as i'm not sneaky at all, no spells can help, 0 gold, naked, so yeah, don't do the same thing that I did, or you loose hours of gameplay (at least in my case)
damn dude that really sucks, im sorry that happened to you but it seems you took it well, i would have quit rofl
Why don't you just respec into whatever you need to complete it?
Note: If by chance you have killed the cook and yet can't advance the quest, simply pickpocket him and go upstair, he will then run away and when you get down the quest will be finished.
If you sleep with the lady a second time without getting your gear back, it is gone forever.
There should be a backpack after you're finished that has all your things in it. I didn't pick anything out of it and instead equipped a weapon during the fight using magic pockets. After sleeping with her a second time that weapon was also in the bag with the rest of my stuff.
First tip. If you talk to Lovrik as Fane, you can skip paying the initial 100 gold fee.
Second, -tactician mode tip- just play dead until your party cleans up the bandit..or try to get the equipment back and play dead in the middle since you can't get all your gears in the middle.
How? I am playing wtih Fane and I had to pay. If you have persuasion, you can skip the fee.