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I can't get my gear back. Anyone know what to do?
In Lothars room there is a burgled backpack
I got lucky and had the teleporter pyramid in my pack. I used the other to teleport my character and the red prince into the room with the burgled backpack. I have high thievery on the Red Prince so i just stole it all back. Only thing is now everything is labeled *stolen
same here
У Лохара на столе в кабинете ваш рюкзак с вещами, не благодарите
In Lohar's room, there is a desk and a bag containing you stuff. You can't normally look inside of it so I simply teleported it out of the room (no one seemed to care).
If you beat the bandits who ambush you, your gear will be in the "Burgled Backpack" on the table at the foot of the bed. I guess you could also choose the fight option, grab your gear, then flee if you are able.
*Warning* this little tip might bug the quest afterwards so save before you talk with Lovirk.
If you want to fight the thugs after having sex with the prostitute you can: Open the door to meet Zharah , send your MC , and when he is upstairs , transfer the key suite to another party member and make them wait in the door so they can help you afterwards. The fight is still hard if your MC don't have any armor healing spells so he can tank a little bit until the help arrives.
You can choose to fight, then teleport in your buddy to help you out. Your gear is in the Burgled Backpack near the bed, take the weapon so you can use your attacks. Zharah died in the attack and this ended the quest for me. When you meet Lovirk again, kill him and get 3000+g from him.
If you don't choose to fight, go see Lohar and help him find Mordus. Return to Lohar after that and you can get stuff back on the table in Lohar's room.
if You have red prince in the party, send him to spend the night, there will be no thugs and ur red prince journal also updates
oh and u will have all the gear with you, in ur inventory, just equip it.