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thanks for nothing
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this wiki is so god damn trash
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Can i go to Zillik's master even without talking to him in the holding cell or is the quest locked if you leave the island without talking to him?
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yeah i think so
By Anonymous
where do you go to go to the holding cells?
By himanashi
Is there supposed to be quest-specific dialogue when you get into Act 2? She's one of the companions that has an exclamation point over their head during Malady's intro speech when you reach Reaper's Coast, yet her dialogue is just general stuff that you can ask her about. She has nothing active to say. Is that a bug? I rushed through Malady's dialogue, thinking it might be a crucial timed thing like Sebille's in Act 3, but it's just minor, random stuff that you as the main character have to lead her to talk about, for no apparent quest reason.
By Anonymous
weakening the Doctor make him 50% less everything, 50% less resistences, armor, health and magic armor, also makes so he doesn't summon any demons to the fight. With my lone wolf aero/hydro i killed him in one turn, without weakening him i killed him in 2 turns, i'd say it doesn't make much of a difference
By Anonymous
Divine Edition: "You can attack the demon in his human form while Lohse's talking to him, make the battle easier." No, you can't. Currently have Lohse in conversation with Doctor and none of the other party members melee attacks work, they don't hit. Area of effect attacks connect but trigger the doctor's transformation