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It's possible to hurt Lohse enough to prevent her from killing Saheila. In this case, Lohse will not want to talk about what happened, but the quest will continue.
After defeating the Advocate (not without doing his quest before), Jahan helps thr group with more source and theb he says he is seeking for the demon living in Lohse's head. We hace to fin the demon's name in the island. I will post more information asa. Actually investigating how to continue
The name of the demon is found on a tree in the Bloodmoon Island. You need to use the Vision skill in order to talk him. You will not understand what he says (he speaking in other language).

Next step is to find your way to Archives in the island (just go to the location on the map and dig). Look in the Archives and find a note to continue.

Return to the tree and speak with him, and get the demon's name. Head to Jahan and he will join you in the boat after some talk and interaction (let him exorcise Lohse and help lose back to herself). Next step will take place in Arx (city probably in act 6).

I will keep posting my progress in comments and not on page until I find the perfect sequence to maximize experience and this information get verified by more people :)
any idea where to get the vision skill from?
I finished the quest right now. To the guy who asked me how to get vision skill (you need to advance more in the main quest).

After you arrive Arx, search Malady in the Black House, then go to the demon plane and turn off the candles. Then you enter the black house and face the doctor (the demon).

Is lvl 20, has servants and he is buffed constantly by them. He has around 12k mr and 8k armor, plus 8k health (and that's 50% of his true potential cause we turned the candles off).

I recommend you to kill the servants before engaging the doctor (they roaming around the house). The fight is hard, you should pre-pot yourself and snipershot him if you have rangers. Use your source points early, he drains yours.

Any summon you have will help you a lot. After you defeat him, the quest ends, you get 2 trophies and a REALLY GOOD lot
is arx is the next location after nameless island?
(playing on easy) i find the very best strategy is to have Ifan with a major league finesse+ arrowstorm build + Beast with a tank/reactive armor build, and then kill the doctor with it before his first turn. on easy he has around 3k physical armor and 2k health, BEFORE he transforms (unweakened) or nil armor if he is weakened (making him an easy one shot)

i had ifan as pure finesse+Wits to get him more than 40 initiative (higher than the doc's) as well as beast with as much physical armor as i could get (was 7k before fortifying) i then had him (also more initiative than the doc) move next to the Doc, fortify, and then unleash hell with reactive armor. that completely stripped the doc and dropped his health to a paltry 1k ( a nurse healed him, but Ifan rekt his face with 16k worth of arrow damage right after so...)
lol you don't need a strategy on easy..
The Hatch is not there no (Entrance of the Vault) how to get it to appear?
Dig where it is displayed in the image above
i think you need enough wits to notice something like that
The Hatch is not there for me either, that's a pretty annoying bug..
I cannot find jahan anymore :V im lost
Ok, for those having problems finding Johan, he is at coords x:293 y:284.
Sahelia and Zelik are dead in my game without speaking to Loshe, is it still possible to talk to Jahan to do the quest?