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By Anonymous
And if you refuse to fight blindfolded, the game will actually say you took it off. Which is obviously stupid.

Then it defaults to: "Find another way". How? Hell if I know!
By Anonymous
thats what makes divinity perfect.. 100 ways to solve by urself. I killed murga and then fought the voidvoken down
By Anonymous
You can kill Murga outside the arena if you failed her challenge. After that all you need to do is succeed in the persuasion check with the arena manager. This game is awesome.
By Anonymous
It said that I failed the blindfold challenge and now I need to impress the arena. Has any one found out how? HELP A GURL OUT PLZ
By Anonymous
You might have already figured it out, but an easy way to get around this is to kill Murga, you can then talk to the dwarf arena organizer dude who will set you up with a fight with the voidwoken. Oh and be sure to have your persuasion ranked up before the chat with him.

Just a tip for Murga, When you first initiate the fight she'll do her backstab combos which may kill one of your guys. Then she'll charm the healer/mage and then royally mess up your team. The way I avoided that was to send my healer down the hatch that's on the opposite side of her seat (by the wall) before the fight, start the fight, and then popped my healer back up when it was my teams round. Just keep her stunned/frozen/whatever and pound on her until dead. I did this at lvl 10 and it was pretty easy with the stuns.
By Anonymous
After u do the quest and use hatch near Murga starting location, u go down to next location, there are 2 chests, and "key of the one" in one of them, any ideas where i can use it or what it oppens?
By Anonymous
Got the key of the champion... wtf do i do with it?
By Anonymous
I killed Murga and got my persuasion all the way up and convinced Arran (The arena master) to allow me to fight the voidwoken. I won that and became the champion. If you don't have persuasion all the way up, simply teleport back to The Lady Vengence and go to the mirror on the bottom floor and change it.
By Anonymous
how do you get past the petrified door below the arena?
By Anonymous
Teleportation or a Huntsman/Scoundrel skill that acts as a teleport.
By Anonymous
Hit it.
By marhaba9
Bless the first Door, go through it then either jump or climb up the ladder to the platform which has a "Pot Still". Turn the valve on the Pot Still so you can stop the pipes from blowing petrifying air. This will allow you to open the next door.
By Anonymous
The key you get for killing Murga + the Voidwoken is used to unlock a hatch on the left side of the arena, where Murga initially was sat when you first talk to her. You can access the room by destroying the doors if you can't remove the petrify (rain works to remove it), and then teleport the chests out and put rain on them to open them.

By Anonymous
not that key, they key from chest under hatch, "key of the one"
By Anonymous
With the key I went to the hatch. I attacked the doors with a ranged attack. Buffed my teleport guy with magic armor so it could go stand inside the second doorway. That way I could teleport the two chests out. I used rain to remove the petrify on the chests.
By Anonymous
There is a ladder northside of the room wich leads to a ledge with a valve, you can TP someone there where the smoke is blowing and have time to shut the valve before getting pertrified
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