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well the problem is there isa hidden door inthat place :/ and there isa puzzle with elemental symbols :)
Where's that hidden door to Mordus location? 2 hours and still can't find it
Bro, I've been trying to figure that pressure plate puzzle for like 2 hours now, Its driving me crazy.
stuck at the puzzle on the floor that opens the door with the greem locl. Need help.
wait wheres the hidden door and element puzzle? covered pretty much all of wrecker depths and killed mordus
The elemental puzzle is in Mordus' house, not Wrecker's Cave. You can lockpick the skull or get the gem from Mordus' area in Wrecker's Cave to unlock it. The door to Mordus' location is a ladder in a shipwreck in the middle of Wrecker's Cave.
I am having tremendous difficulty on this quest. every time I walk anywhere a massive voidwoken pops up and murders me instantly
Use spirit vision to see door it shows what elements to use
For everyone having problem, teleport pyramids.... (magic pockets to each other and get them all in 1 spot). If you want to go hard mode no cheese then I recommend taking care of the possessed dwarfs in the private chamber area solo, grab the key and head towards the weapon armory with the dwarf npc, you run into a big voidwoken but if you time it you can have the weapon armory and private quarter person run in at same time and 2 man it, liberal use of teleport can trap it or just keep it off of your guys to allow you to down it. From there just keep going until you find the others.
Just a small tip for the elemental puzzle; you need to use 5, not 4 characters(vases work too!)
Where's the ladder? The place is covered in shipwrecks.
the ladder is 9' o clock. hide in the a shipwreck , if you scroll up you will see it
not 9, it is center of the map
If you can make it to the waypoint during the split part, you can just teleport to it with the remaining characters.
wheres those magister barracks with reward ?
Next to the tavern. If you tilt your camera so that it's looking at the front of the tavern where the elf with all the notes and pages on the table is, the magister barracks is to the right. You can identify it by someone shouting at another person to get him either more ink for his inkwell, or for a drink.
Additionally there is a hole you can uncover near the private quarters. If you take this it will return you to the original area where you were taken away by the Voidwoken. From there you can simply teleport/retreat down to the area where Mordus and the other enemies are waiting. It seems really far away, but it is possible to make it.