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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Ignition + Battle Stomp for Crafting.
Any Warfare + Any Pyro books will do.
as long as the specific books used to craft this skill don't require source to cast and they consist of one pyro and one warfare
This is one weird skill, I have no idea of how it works at all; not only this skill doesn't consistently trigger from the 3 first basic attacks (not sure if it's a bug or if I'm doing something wrong), it can work at a decently long range or not work on a pretty close enemy.
Yeah from what I have seen so far it has to be something bugged with it, sometimes it bounces multiple times from one swing, both with 2-hand and with dual-wielding. And sometimes it does not even bounce to the closest target as you said, it can be a random target at a random range almost. Seems to trigger if there is a enemy close but it will not necessarily bounce to the closest. Good skill tho, massive cleave damage.
this skill would be made much more useful if they allowed you to place the effects on other characters
You can kind of do that with the upgraded version of this spell. You target a character, and it gives all character in a radius the buff (the character included).

I do have some questions, though. How is the damage calculated? On my Battle Mage, it dealt more damage (or at least as much) than my regular attack. Making it qute weird, especially if you have cleave, that attacking the guy makes less damage than attacking the one besides him.

HOw much range has it? I would guess it around 8m? Is it weapon dependant?
Sparking Swings + Fire Brand + Whirlwind/Blitz = Pure carnage.
Firebrand only affects allies... Sparking Swings only affects you. How is that a good combo, exactly?
Firebrand affects yourself as well as allies.
it last for 3 turns or 4 bounces so if you hit 4 targets with a whirlwind it will bounce 4 times to each enemy and then you lose the buff it also scales only with level and pyrokinetic
Pretty sure it does scale with INT, tested it in GM mode.
Spark swings with talent
Savage Sortilege and firebrand with high 'two hander' for crit damage is a very powerful combo mid-late game.
I don't think this one has limited charges in DE anymore.
...does this***** really scale with int/pyrokinetic? I'm looking at all of these mergable skillbooks, and they all require exceedingly weird builds to utilize well. Like, it would make sense that the damage from this would scale off say, warfare and strength (if it were to be useful) but instead it scales off...*****ing int? sigh.
You can run 2 handed Int-based warriors using staffs.
That sounds completely absurd, lol. What do you use for abilities then? Wouldn't your spells just do so much more damage than your attacks that attacking in melee would be counterproductive?
Well.... it is for mages as it is an attack that strips magic armor. It makes sense for it to scale from INT. Try staff + 2-hnd + warfare + INT. It makes weapons skills stronger at stripping mage armor. Then add pyro for the bounce to be stronger. Very fun build.
I accidentally 1 shot everything on the last fight using a Pyro + Warfare Staff melee character lone wolf. Firebrand + Master of Sparks, Peace of Mind. ~90% Crit. Jump in the middle of 5 guys, Whirlwind and fight was over. It was dumb. No Apoth tricks or any of that crap. Just wrecked in one Whirlwind first turn.
Unlike the venom power, does not work without a weapon