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By Anonymous
The way I did this (as Lohse, so you can't lie to Unnis for her gold since she won't really talk to you), if you don't have the patience to wait until you get Source Vampirism or you just want to get this over with quickly, was to side with Kana and Burro against Ifan and Elodi (Elodi has much more health than Ifan does, so while he goes down quickly, you may want to keep your distance from her), kill Sebille at her stakeout position near Stingtail (party members don't have much health when they're just NPCs; wait for Patrolman Kraus and his dog to be far away), get the oranges and drudanae from Stingtail, and then rat him out to Griff as the thief. For the remaining two murders, you can kill Doctor Leste when she's healing Dain (dropping a Fossil Strike on them both and then some follow-up spells on her makes for a very easy "twofer" since he has very little health anyway).