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Someone who got it enlighten us please
Talking to the figurehead of the lady vengeance as the red prince and saying you will take control gets you the tag.
To get the Villian tag you have to kill a quest giver I killed Ryke before doing his quest and got the villain tag
I told Unnis that Atusa sent me to gather all of their belongings to pay for them to be smuggled out of joy and received the tag.
I tried it again on a new play and did not get the villain tag this time, I am not sure what's up...
Okay so I did a bit more trial and error and I killed the fire slugs without talking to them and then stole the money from unnis and that gave me the tag so it is an accumulation of negative acts.
I have both tricked Unnis and murdered Ryke but did not receive the tag.
Seriously, what gives?
Release the deathfog in Arx if you want the tag
Appears to be based on the balance between the good and bad deeds your character commits. I didn't unlock the tag until the end of the first act, after slaying most of the innocent people in Fort Joy. The specific dialogue option that unlocked it for me was telling the Livewood ship that it was under my control.
My companion got it after eating 3/4 ghosts in dialog options
I got mine from killing the Skeleton assassin in the Swamps? Like previously I tricked Unnis, but it was several hours later, and my coop partner got it at the same time.
I've gotten this tag on lohse after purging a crap load of people (like nearly every spirit I see I use source vampirism on), purged the entire army of ryker's slaves in the graveyard and his house.