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Does anyone know if investing in this tree will also effect the summons of other schools ?




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Yes it will
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Most of them, yes. A lot of them specifically say they're affected by character level and ranks in summoning.
It does
Yes it does
can suggest a dual lone wolve summoner build. you can reach summon level 10 at character level 3 with it, pretty much faceroll after this point even in tactic mode. grab each elements tier 1 buffs and heals in addition to summoner spells and you can decide if u use wand/shield or even go for crossbows.
I believe so, Take for example the Necromancer Skill "Raise Bone Widow",
It says in Blue text "The stats of the summons will depend on caster level and Summoning ability."

summoner seems kinda week at first, but boyyyyyy if you can get it to level 10 and get that incarnate champion hollyyyyy crap
Buff for Totems would be good.
Summoner level improves the summons of other schools. I recommend putting 2 points into Necromancer to be able to summon Bone Widow ( Spellbook is sold in driftwood ) and get a very powerful summon that powers through a good portion of the game. Bone widow is stronger than champion incarnate with triple health and double the dmg.
Notice that you can only summon one "Soul Bond" summon, so you cant summon fire slug/incarnate/bone widow at the same time but you can summon totems since they are not player controlled.
Imo the one of the strongest classes atm, summoners lvl 10 incarnate deals almost same damage as my geared warrior, not taking into account that he has x2 phys armor
I'm rocking summoning 21 at lvl15; it's pretty awesome. Note that you can/should cast your Incarnate and buff it pre-fight, more often than not your best bet is a Blood Incarnation (my solution is Blood Rain on other character).

Incarnate is very capable of dealing 800-1200 dmg per turn (+Opportunity), which in itself almost justifies a dedicated summoning build (+totems +buffs +heal in spare time)
level 6 right now, i was a newbie, no idea what i was doing, i dropped wizard schools, and took air magic with summons. it is a great combo, i made fane take summoner, those two are a power house together. makes me want to try archery and summons on a character real bad. he is also a great support character. a water infusion grants you a heal, that helps me in a pinch when the cleric already has dropped hers on our tank and our other people need it too
Really overpowered early game. Incarnate does more damage with any spells he and I both have. Summons should NOT get to act the turn they're summoned, they should only get to fight the next turn.
I feel like I should elaborate a bit more. In the previous game, Original Sin, summons only lasted 3 to 5 turns. Now they get to last for 10? In addition, in order for summoning to be effective, all you need to do is put all of your combat skills into it. Meanwhile, any other magic needs loads of intelligence to achieve the same result and without providing an additional body to tank damage. Summoning is powerful even if you have white gear. Also, why would you want to play something that revolves around you having minions to fight for you? Might as well not even play the game then.
Magic builds are powerful in general. Should the second game not add in new skills and change things up? I mean there wasn't exactly a tree dedicate to summoning either. It's true you do just pump points into summoning, but actually it's more balanced then you think.
The other trees can still do decent damage or offer good utility without INT. Though a pure mage with that INT pumped up will be more than effective easily having double the damage output.
Why summoner? Well aside from the apparently mind blowing idea that people like pet classes, stradgey. DOS as a lot of strategy elements, and that shows more on the higher you go on difficulty. Summoning has a lot of strategic value, through the incarnate it offers an extra member to the party, effective damage, and the abilty to infuse it by skills or the environment which gives you a ton of utility similar to Huntsman and enchanted arrows.
Why would you want to play a game where you get minions to fight? You know your companions are your minions too...
What kind of logic is "if you wanna play with minions, why play the game?"? No seriously, it's dumb. Should I stop playing d&d because I enjoy necromancy and conjunction, aka having minions?