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Did you have a stroke while typing?
it protec
it's a really *****ing boring ability, it's just a level based shields up than any generic toon can use. I'd really wished we could have had more option like this, personally I would love to se more "spirit animals"(i.e. Ifan's Wolf) made available along other more interesting ideas.
It is way better than the other origin source abilities. Apart from Time Warp from Fane, which the strongest. Ifan's Wolf is also really bad compared to the other summons but you don't seem to know what you are talking about.
I agree that it would have been great to start with a choice of abilities rather than this one, even if that just meant any of the regular 1S cost abilities. (coulda earned this through a quest otherwise)
how do i get for origin character?


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No way to get on the character, however, if you want it badly, hire some mercenary instead of the origin companions, they come with it.
or create your own characters without using origin character to get it from the beginning
This straight up breaks certain fights. Just stay grouped and the shield regen + resist makes you group heal faster than the enemy can dps. you can also stack it with AOE mending/soothing magic
At what difficulty? lol.
Easily most powerful defensive skill in the game and dirt cheap.
Restores immediately after casting AND after every turn for every character inside the dome.
Restores around 3 times as much as Mend Metal and Soothing Cold. Without shield that often means around full physical and magic armor at every turn for balanced armor.
Works well with high Leadership, Guardian Angel, Teleports and Terrain Transformation.
6m diameter.
Provides 10% resistance to each element
Ridiculously OP and indispensable for certain combos.
The shapeshifter mask won't teach you this but it seems all mercs come with this ability.
usefulness increases with difficulty. synergies well with retribution and elemental affinity.
This spell has a great combo with Soul Mate: If both sender and receiver stand in the dome, the receiver will get double the armor restoration every turn. Too bad you can't cast Soul Mate both ways between characters (the second cast will cancel the first).